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Cover Ups for a Facial Wound

So I got in a little spat last night and now I have a cut around my eye and my formal is coming up on FRIDAY! I am super nervous and I need some recomendations on a cover up. I am a fair skinned ginger with some lingering acne scars PLEASE HELP I need to look great for my date

Re: Cover Ups for a Facial Wound

Go with a tough girl look for formal. Done. =P


Jk. I wouldn't recommend putting make up on a barely healed wound or fresh scar. I have put vaseline/rose salve over it to prevent cracking from dry skin so it heals faster, and apparently there's a thing called liquid band-aid. If you really must put make up on, I suggest something like that underneath so you won't get all these chemicals in your tender scar or if your wound accidentally opens.

Re: Cover Ups for a Facial Wound

DO NOT try to cover up an open wound without professional help. Makeup of ANY KIND should NEVER be applied to an open or non-healed wound.  It will have very very very bad results.


I'm sorry to hear that you were hurt, but please trust me, you would rather have to put makeup around a cut then end up with a serious infection around your eye!  I'd suggest emphasizing a feature to pull attention away from any redness from the wound, and have fun no matter what!  (Could you cover it with your hair, either?)

Re: Cover Ups for a Facial Wound

Yes exactly.

Between now and then, if you would describe this as an open wound and not a cut, you need to go see a doctor about what you can and can't apply to it.

And more importantly, you should find out if ointments or creams that can accelerate healing are more appropriate between now and Friday, like polysporin or neosporin.

Re: Cover Ups for a Facial Wound

To be honest, I personally would not cover up any sort of wound - whether it is scabbed over or not.  Could lead to infection, which will result in more problems later on.  Until it is full healed, I would avoid the area.

Re: Cover Ups for a Facial Wound

Sorry to hear about your eye! Hope that heals up quickly!


Anyway, I highly recommend the Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation.  It's a foundation, but doubles as a concealer.  It is a pretty thick formula, but doesn't feel heavy on the skin or cake up.  Most importantly, however, this foundation offers AWESOME coverage.  It seriously covers everything for me, such as acne scars, current blemishes, and discoloration.  I highly suggest you check it out, especially for your formal!


Another option I suggest you look into is the Make Up For Ever Concealer.  It's offers pretty great coverage as well.


Hope this helps and best of luck!

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