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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Clinique’s acne solutions steps

Do you guys think i should get it instead of cliniques 3 steps type 3 My acne is getting worse everyday and im not sure if this is a good product

Re: Clinique’s acne solutions steps

I’ve tried Clinique... I have oily skin and this dried my face out like crazy. My skin was flaking off. I did not like it. The flaking wouldn’t bother me if I thought my acne was getting better but it wasn’t. And I was consistent. Did it every night. BUT this is my experience with it. It may be better for you 

Re: Clinique’s acne solutions steps

@Leennn I'm going to disagree here.  I use the acne solutions line from Clinique and love it.  I have for years.  It may have alcohol, but it works well for me.  It's also pretty reasonably priced.  There's also a great spot treatment in the line as well.  I have been slacking on using it lately, and my skin has gotten worse without it.  I think you should at least try it.

Re: Clinique’s acne solutions steps

@Leennn What exact products are you using now? Edit: saw type 3.


How long have you been using those products?


There's no need to use acne ingredients every step of a regimen. Using similar ingredients can backfire. Typically, one only needs a basic cleanser and moisturizer, spf too, along with one good leave on acne treatment.


Some Clinique products contain high amounts of alcohol dentured, the bad/drying kind. Type 3 toner is full of alcohol, stop use. Probably unbalancing the skin and you may have more oil producing, to try and rebalance. Not every skin needs a toner.


For some ingredients, it's normal to get worse before it's better.


Out of Clinique stick with the moisturizer if you like it, add spf daily.  Change out the cleanser and get a leave on acne treatment, that aren't clinique.

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