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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Clarisonic with Clinique 3 Step?

I recently started using the Clarisonic Mia 2 with Philosophy Purity and it's going pretty well.  I love that the Clarisonic cleans so well and helps moisturizers and serums to absorb better in my skin.  However, I have acne prone skin so I am still getting a few pimples and blackheads.  My skin is so sensitive that whenever I get a pimple it leaves a dark mark Smiley Sad  I think it's hormonal acne since I'm in my 20's.  Has anyone used the Clarisonic with Clinique's 3 step system?  I've used their mild cleanser and #2 clarifying lotion in the past but I'm not sure if the clarifying lotion along with the Clarisonic would be too much on my skin.  I'm looking for routine that won't be harsh on my sensitive acne-prone skin and would work with the Clarisonic.

Re: Clarisonic with Clinique 3 Step?

I use clinique 3 step #3 oily wash #3 toner and gel dramatically diff with my clarisonic. I hate that clinique toner has alcohol but when i try not to use it my face breaks out more. We are all so individulaized i guess its whatever works best for you...but something I did like is the fresh black tea perfecting mask when my face feels irritated, so amazing! worth a try!

Re: Clarisonic with Clinique 3 Step?

Yes, I used to.  Clinique's Liquid cleansers and toners are a little bit harsh in general, so adding the physical aggressiveness of a Clarisonic is overkill.  I found my skin to break out more AND be way more red than it ever was.  It felt sunburned or chaffed.  The key to my skin clearing and feel less "angry" is to drop the physical exfoliants like scrubs and Clarisonic and use a mild mask twice weekly to slough off the dead wtih fruit enzymes instead.  I use Murad's Pomegranate Mask on Wed and Sundays and LOVE it.  It's very gentle and makes my skin feel soothed immediately.


I think you're right for using Clinique's Mild Cleanser.  That's actually what I had to do because the one for combo/oily skin was stripping me too much.  I actually am considering bumping down to their #2 toner instead of #3 once I run out of what I'm using and back onto Clinique.  Good luck!

Re: Clarisonic with Clinique 3 Step?

Just so you know, when you first start using the clarisonic, your skin will go through a purge. You'll break out because you are taking off the top layer of your skin pretty much. You have to give the clarisonic time to work its magic. Idk how long you have been using it, but you did say "recently" so I just thought I would throw that out there. So you might not even need to change your products at all.


As for clinique. I personally switched from clinique to philosophy because I found their toner way too drying for me. Philosophy purity made simple has a built in toner so you technically don't need one.


I would say just hang in there and don't change up your routine until you've had your clarisonic for awhile. Some people who I have heard talk about the clarisonic said their skin purged for like 3 months.


If you absolutely must change, I find the origins like of cosmetics to be very nice. I like the checks and balances face wash with my clarisonic. Hope this helps!

Re: Clarisonic with Clinique 3 Step?

Wow this is uncanny... we have identical skincare regimes...

I use a Clarisonic Mia with Philosophy PUrity facewash, then Clinique's #2 clarifying lotion and follow up with Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion/gel depending on whether it's summer or winter.

I also suffer from a comedogenic acne. I don't know if I scar because I have so many freckles on my face that I can't tell (lol). But frankly, my skin has never been more manageable since I started using all of these products together.

If you're worried about the Clarisonic being too much on your skin, be judicious in your choice of brush heads. Personally, though I have somewhat sensitive skin, it really loves a good exfoliating so I use their densest brush - the blue pore brush. YOu might want to start out with their sensitive brushes. But make sure you keep the head very clean. Whenever I'm recharging my Clarisonic brush, I steep my brush head in isopropyl alcohol, and I also clean out where the brush head attaches to the device (if you smell it, you'll see that it's a bacteria breeding ground)

Re: Clarisonic with Clinique 3 Step?

I agree you might want to try something other than toner #2. I have combination skin and love toner #2 for summer, it's my stable, but it's too drying for me in the winter. It does have alcohol and doesn't sounds like something appropriate if you have sensitive skin and are using clarasonic.


The toner I'm using now is Clarins for normal/combo skin, I think it's alcohol free and it feels like water so it's worth a try. I also like Origins Perfect World, but it's more hydrating and doesn't do anything for acne.

Re: Clarisonic with Clinique 3 Step?

It took me a long time to figure out what works & doesn't work with my skin. I still get hormonal acne, but it's gotten better (I'm convinced it will never go away). I suggest only using the clarisonic 2-3x a week. Using it too often can strip your skin of natural oils causing more acne. 

Does the clinicque toner have alcohol in it? Try to stay away from toners that have alcohol becuase they can be over drying. 

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