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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Clarisonic Mia or Mia 2?

I'm in my teens and my graduation is coming up. I have chest,back and face acne. I want to clear it up before my graduation (hopefully).

I have oily skin that is like dry and sensitive at the same time... and acne prone. o-o
I read that it helps with acne so i'm willing to invest in it. (:

I don't know which one to buy, i know that the Mia is like $30 cheaper and the Mia 2 has two speeds. Is it really necessary to have 2 speeds? Which one is better for both face and body? Is the timer necessary? Do they both do the same job?
Help me please! I'm kinda in need of help for clearing up my acne. It's making my self esteem low and confidence. :c

Re: Clarisonic Mia or Mia 2?

Hi annasorr! I definitely understand where you are coming from. I have very oily, acne-prone skin that reacts to everything. I have had my Clairsonic since 2007 and I haven't looked back. I experience less dryness and dry patches and I'm certainly sure that my skin is much cleaner than using my hands (think manual toothbrush vs electronic toothbrush).


For your questions:

1. 2 speeds: I think it is nice to allow for customization later on down the road once you have used your Clairsonic for awhile. I am going to recommend going for the Mia 2 because the functionality is better than the Mia. No one wants to purchase an expensive tool and later regret purchasing the model that they did.


2. The only Clairsonic model that allows for the body brush head attachment is the Plus. However, you can certainly use the Mia or Mia 2 on the body. The differences are the brush head will be smaller and it won't be the "body speed", which is more intensive than that meant for the face. In this respect, having the 2 speeds would be nice. You could use the slightly more intense speed for the body. 


3. The T-timer is not necessary but I have to say I'm a big fan of it. It may sound weird to be a fan of a timer but it's so nice to use the Clairsonic at the end of the day and have the T-timer alert me as to when to switch to another section of my face, rather than me paying a ton of attention to cleansing and not relaxing like I want to be doing. 


4. They do the same job; both the Mia and Mia 2 will cleanse your face effectively. Again, I recommend going with the Mia 2. 


Last, I want to wish you the very best with clearing up your skin. I'm 24 and still experience breakouts but my acne was much worse even 6 years ago. I very clearly remember the emotions I had regarding my acne in my teens--how I felt it was unfair my best friend never washed her face and had perfect skin (she still never washes her face and has perfect skin! it drives me and my other super-acne prone friend nuts!), how I felt that no one would ever find me attractive underneath these breakouts, how I thought it might never end and on and on. I'm happy to say that most of my concerns never came true-- and I wish someone, other than my mom and sympathetic friends, had told me that it was going to improve and I would look back and only hope that I didn't miss out on too much when I was worried about my skin. I have some great memories from this time in my life, even though my skin wasn't perfect. Enjoy your graduation, regardless of how your skin looks. For extra confidence, I recommend purchasing a nice foundation especially for your graduation. You deserve to feel special during that event!

Re: Clarisonic Mia or Mia 2?

I've had my clarisonic Mia for a year now, and I don't find it necessary to have the Mia 2. I do drag it down my chest if I'm having abnormal breakouts. Recently I burnt my neck with my curling wand (Ouch!) and it started to peel (like sunburn) so i just took my clarisonic over it and the dead skin was gone. Looks like brand new skin. I do have 2 brush heads. I use the sensitive brush head on my face, and the normal brush head on my chest. I don't necessarily know if its necessary to have 2 different brush heads but I just felt like it was cleaner for me to have 2 separate ones for face and body. I don't think it's necessary to have 2 speeds, and not necessary for a timer. It still shuts off after 1 minute and usually I like to just start in my tzone, moving slowly across my forehead, down my nose, on my upper lip, chin, then move on to cheeks. By the time I'm done the timer goes off. If I absolutely feel I need more time I'll just turn it back on but that rarely happens. For $30 more all you honestly are buying is a timer and 2 speeds which isn't very necessary. I would just focus on the parts of your skin where you feel you need extra exfoliation first, which would usually be the tzone, and then move on to the rest of your face. I don't think you need a timer for that. Count 60 seconds in your head if you need to.


I just want to put out a little thing here though, if your graduation is coming up within a few weeks, idk if the clarisonic is your best bet to get rid of the acne in such a quick time. Honestly, when you first start using the clarisonic, your skin goes through a purge. I broke out worse than I ever have in my life because it is basically taking a layer off of your skin and starting you off fresh. Now it's up to your skin how long it will take to settle those break outs. Mine took about 2 weeks to get a noticeable difference that my skin was getting better, and about a month for my acne to fully go away. I'm just saying if your graduation is next week, you might want to look into alternative options such as a better skincare regimen because I would hate for your skin to be on its purge during your graduation! BUT not everyone goes through this purge! I have read about a lot of people having their skin go through the purge, but others have not. It depends how sensitive your skin is. Also, when you start out, definitely use the sensitive brush head that it comes with. DO NOT go up a notch to the deep cleansing or anything because you will seriously irritate your skin. That is a gradual process.


I definitely love my Mia and would definitely recommend it but I just want to be clear on the positives and the negatives since you are probably pretty close to graduation. I hope your skin looks flawless for graduation! Good luck! Let any of us know if you need beauty tips for your makeup that day as well as any skincare products leading up to it. Smiley Happy

Re: Clarisonic Mia or Mia 2?

Thank you for your opinion and help! This answer was exacally what I was looking for. I will be purchasing the Clarisonic Mia this weekend. Thanks again! c:

Re: Clarisonic Mia or Mia 2?

You're welcome! I hope you love it! Good luck with graduation!

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