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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Clarisonic Confusion.

I've posted on here before asking for advice with my Clarisonic-- I've been going through a purging stage for the past 3 weeks and I'm close to returning it. 


I started using it with Purity by Philosophy, which I had never used before, by researching it on here and finding good reviews. Before, I used the Proactiv system which is not compatible with the Clarisonic.


I have large pores and oily skin --not sensitive-- so I switched to the Deep Pore brush after about a week. It seemed to flare up my skin but then my skin started to clear up.


Just as my skin started to look good again, I tried using Clinique's Acne Toner and Moisturizer after using my Clarisonic. NOT GOOD. My skin became so dry so I stopped using it.


Now my face has recovered from the Clinique but I still have small bumps all over my face, especially my forehead. I'm still using the Purity cleanser morning and night, but only with the Clarisonic at night. Afterwards, I have been using a Mario Badescu toner that I used when my skin appeared to be clearing up a few weeks earlier. 


PLEASE help. I'm beginning to suspect I need to change my cleanser or my brush head to Acne-prone.

Re: Clarisonic Confusion.

Found it! It's called:




Click on this link:


P.S. Do not be misled by the title. He is all about the Clarisonic; it was the deep pore brush that caused his problems.

Re: Clarisonic Confusion.

Wow, I kind of cannot believe your post. I just watched @gossmakeupartist on YouTube. I have probably watched at least 100 of his posts, chats, and tutorials. He is my absolute favorite!


He keeps things direct and uncomplicated; he definitely knows what he's doing. Anyway, he did a Clarisonic tutorial a while ago, but recently he did another after having a VERY BAD experience when he switched to the deep pore brush.


I'm going to go now to try to find it. I think its title is something like 6 Weeks of Hell, or similar to that.


I'll be back with the link for you. I really cannot help but think that your problems are somehow related to the deep pore brush.


We'll get to the bottom of it. Promise. xo xo

Re: Clarisonic Confusion.

I would actually disagree that the issue is the cleanser. For a lot of people with acne, toners can cause worse breakouts.


I would say stop using the toner and just stick with the cleanser for a week. If your skin does not start clearing up, then switch cleansers. 


For me, I can't use toners. The only one I was able to use without a breakout afterwards was Dior's Gentle one (in the pink bottle) but it didn't do much for me and it's expensive so I ditched it. 


The only way to truly know what is going on with your skin is to try only one product at a time. Also, maybe only use your Clarisonic once a day and if you see no changes or if it continues to get worse, maybe it's too much aggravation on your skin so try only 3 times a week.


Let us know how you get on with that! Skip the toners though. Smiley Happy

Re: Clarisonic Confusion.

Hi Alainah,


I agree with DesertRose0706 in that you might want to try a different cleanser. In my experience, you can't be too gentle with your skin! I would recommend the Fresh Soy Cleanser. I use it with my clarisonic (gentle, acne-prone brush head) in the evenings and alone in the mornings. It has done wonders for calming my skin.


I would also recommend the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads - they gently tone and exfoliate your skin. I use these morning and night and my skin has smoothed out and my pores are nearly completely unclogged!


Good luck!!



Re: Clarisonic Confusion.

  It sounds like the issue might be related to the cleanser.  try using a different cleanser, something gentle and not overly drying (normally I would suggest the Clinique facial soap in mild, but since you didn't have much luck with the other Clinique products, it might not be a good idea lol) for a while and see how your skin does.  I use the Clarisonic myself and do not have sensitive skin either.  I have tried a few of the different brush heads, but I really don't notice a difference in the way they work or feel so from my experience I wouldn't say it is the brush head.

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