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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Clarisonic Brush Heads: Deep Pore or Acne?

Time to put my 20% Friends and Family Discount to good use and get myself another value pack of brush heads for my Clarisonic Mia 2.


I've been using the Deep Pore brush heads for a few months now, and before that I used the Sensitive ones for a few months.  I switched from the Sensitive ones because I felt like my skin wasn't getting as clean after a few weeks and needed to switch more often than they recommend.  I've enjoyed the Deep Pore, but I've recently been battling some hormonal breakouts and wondering if I should give the Acne ones a try...HELP!

Re: Clarisonic Brush Heads: Deep Pore or Acne?

Definitely try it especially with the cold weather and then you can also try the acne one if that doesn't work. Do you remove your makeup first before cleansing? Sometimes certain cleansers don't work with the clarisonic as well as others do

Re: Clarisonic Brush Heads: Deep Pore or Acne?

I don't wear foundation, but will wear highlighters or cheek stains sometimes. Haven't been lately though bc wanted to not add insult to injury with my breakouts.


Re: Clarisonic Brush Heads: Deep Pore or Acne?

Ok that makes sense, so there wouldn't really be much to remove before hand. but if you do wear makeup you want to remove prior, or if its just a little make sure the cleanser can break down the makeup. I think its more likely that the brush in combination with the BC did that because you never had a reaction prior, and its the only thing you changed

I know that the clarisonic isn't good if you have acne prone skin because it really exfoliates. my friend was using it for a little while but had to stop when she started to break out, and it was too much. Personally if im not using it at least 5xs a week then i wouldn't have kept it especially since i want to use it when i am wearing makeup

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