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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Caveman Regimen

Have anyone ever tried or heard about the Caveman Regimen?


Basically, this is how the theory goes:

Your skin has something called an "acid mantle". It's job is to act as a thin layer of your skin to prevent the entrance and infection of microorganisms. Because we are constantly slathering our skin in various treatments, this tosses our acid mantle way out to balance; and in turn, our skin retaliates with more imperfections. The theory is, if nothing touches your face, your acid mantle will return to normal, and you'll be left with perfect skin. (Yes, even water can throw our acid mantle out of balance.)


It's kinda a rave on ********. Many people have tried and said that works for them. I wonder too?!


Re: Caveman Regimen

Sounds a bit extreme!  I'd hate to think what my skin would look like if I didn't use cleanser or at least water. I don't think the unwashed dirty face look would be flattering to me, lol.

Re: Caveman Regimen

Heh, I'm not sure I want to look (or smell) like a caveman. If you try it, be sure to keep us updated on your progress!

Re: Caveman Regimen

With the information presented, it doesn't stand to factor in the fact of pollutants, environmental aggressors, free radicals, UV rays, and other external factors for beating our skin.


Yes, what we may apply may alter our pH levels, but the mass population isn't born with perfectly balanced skin for our acid mantle to maintain. Often time we experience dryness, sensitivities, oil, and more, so if the acid mantle is there to "protect", it's not doing anything to treat and balance. 


The minimalistic approach such as the Caveman theory/regimen is one with good intention, but honestly doesn't hold much ground today. I'm not saying one must slather on and hoard products on one's skin, but not treating and addressing issues frankly won't make them go away or fix themselves either.

Re: Caveman Regimen

Exactly.  I'd also be willing to bet that why people feel that this works is that they were using too many/too harsh products to begin with so when they switch to nothing they do see an improvement.   Also, it seems that "nothing on your face" would mean no makeup, which wouldn't go over too well with many of us Smiley Wink

Re: Caveman Regimen

If we still lived like cavemen I might buy the premise, but the world has moved on. First, our diets are NOTHING like that of our neanderthal or cro-magnon predecessors. Secondly, our ozone layer, and thus our exposure to UVA and UVB, has been altered. Finally, our life expectancies are higher than that of an average caveperson. 


Once upon a time people thought if they didn't bathe it would keep evil spirits out, and well you saw how the Black Death panned out for about one third of Europe. Fads will come and go, but I like how I currently smell and look thanks to all the stuff I slather on myself Smiley Happy The day people stop telling me I look way younger than my age I might consider not using all of it, but 'til then I shall help keep Sephora in business!

Re: Caveman Regimen

They said to use Non-Comedogenic sunscreen. I don't know. I'm just wondering if anyone ever hear or try it

Re: Caveman Regimen

I don't think we know very much about cavemen. All the Caveman ____ regimens/diets kinda freak me out...

Re: Caveman Regimen


If you decide to try it please let us know how it works out. 

P.S.  We love pictures

Re: Caveman Regimen

No, I don't plan to try out lol but this girl did

Re: Caveman Regimen

Yeah, and we shouldn't brush our teeth or wash our hair either. Deodorant? Not for this cavewoman! ;-) (just kidding)

Re: Caveman Regimen

i agree with a lot of the posts- would love someone to try this out and report back! 

Re: Caveman Regimen

IDK about this... I've gone on 3 week excursion hikes without soap, makeup, moisturizer, SPF... and came back with my skin looking worse than ever. 


Re: Caveman Regimen

this is a very interesting theory.  All I know is that when I do nothing to my face, I get serious breakouts that hurt and look disgusting.  When I take time to wash my face and apply various products my breakouts are kept under control and I am much happier Smiley Happy

Re: Caveman Regimen

There are many reviews online, so  I went to youtube, this girl did it & I went to her blog, I can clearly see how much her skin is improved. It impresses me, but I live in Houston, I'm not willing to try lol.

Re: Caveman Regimen

I guess it depends on the person? i like to let my skin breathe on the weekends, but i still cleanse twice, tone twice and moisturize once at night.  When i was younger i didn't do anything to it and it was very oily

Re: Caveman Regimen

Obviously, you can only do this if you don't wear makeup. I'm sure it works better in certain living environments as opposed to others.

If your area has very polluted air, it probably wouldn't work. You need to wash that filth off.

It depends on a wide variety of different circumstances, and not everyone can manipulate everything about their lives to go about this regime.

Personally, I just listen to my skin. Sometimes I *need* to wash it, sometimes I'll go days just using water and a wash cloth. Other things I do are cleansing with oils, or I'll cleanse with honey/baking soda.... there are lots of different things I do, all depending on what my skin needs at the moment. I'll go days without letting even water touch my skin.

Just listen to your skin. Some people need a big regime, others do not.

Re: Caveman Regimen

Wait so how long would you do this for? Consistently not washing would drive me crazy!


I've heard of the Caveman diet too, maybe I could try both in conjunction and see what happens one day.


Re: Caveman Regimen

It's true that our skin has an acid mantle, but that doesn't mean you should stop washing your face.  I mean, have you ever seen a caveman?  Me neither.  We don't know how their skin really looked - they could have been covered in wrinkles and had pores the size of Jupiter for all we know.  Unless some one can go back in time and show me thousands of cavemen with flawless skin, I'm not buying it.

Instead of giving up washing your face, try to use products with the same pH as your skin (which ranges from 4.5 to 6.2, but ideally should be 5.5).  Buy some pH testing strips and try to find products with a pH of about 5.5!  For products that are too thick (like cleansers and creams), mix them with a little bit of distilled water first.

Re: Caveman Regimen

Hey, it's not me suggest anyone to do that.

I myself don't think it's gonna work either.

I read it, I just think it's a interesting topic that's why I reposted it up, I didn't make it up.

Don't take it too serious.


Re: Caveman Regimen

lol, if nothing touches your face. This sounds very hypothetical. Even a room that no one goes to gathers dust over time. I'm pretty sure that, unless you are in an isolation cell at a medical ward, your skin encounter a ton of dust, bacteria etc as you go about your day. What do you do then? o.O


If even water throws it out of balance, does that mean you can't step out in the rain? (can I please use that as an excuse to get out of work? "sorry, I don't want to destroy my acid mantle"). =P


I can understand washing with only water. In any case, I'm too obsessed with skincare to try this, lol. If I do this then what about my 100+ skincare products? 

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