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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Can the Dr. Gross daily alpha beta peel be used in conjunction with a weekly Brazilian peel?

Would this be too much acid going on? And if one must choose, which one would be more effective for evening out skin tone, fading acne scars?


Thank you.

You should only be doing "intense" aha treatmen...

You should only be doing "intense" aha treatments once a week.  The glycolic & lactic acid are dissolving the glue that holds your skin cells in place.  If you over do it your skin will become really sensitive.  Avoid the sun either way.  I don't feel like they will kill you if you use them together but it's not "advised" at all.  So if you can't resist, just take more serious procautions to prevent damage from sun and other acidic/drying/scrubby products. 

  The Brazilian peel should be enough on it's own.  I used my peel once a week and then DDF's 10% Glycolic Toner daily.  I also used Ole's Invigorating Night Gel (which is also an AHA)

Actually a product for evening out skin tone and fading s...

Actually a product for evening out skin tone and fading scars that I think is better than a peel is Kinerase "Scar Healing Therapy" which is a topical transparent gel.  It is designed to reduce the appearance, discoloration and roughness of both old and new scars.  You can find it at:

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

Honestly I would only use the Brazilian Peel and skip using the Alpha Beta Daily Peel that day. If you are using the Extra Strength version I would suggest waiting 2 days. I made the mistake of using the two together and I can honestly say my skin felt really sensitive after. Hope this helps!


Also as for fading acne scars, both deliver wonderful results. However the Brazillian peel is a one time application that is used once weekly for 4 weeks. I would suggest the Alpha Beta Daily peel. Even though the Brazillian peel delivers really great results I personally still prefer the Alpha Beta Peel. If your skin can handle it, I would suggest the extra strength version, it seriously worked miricles for ance scars and evening out skin tone for me.

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