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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Can't stop picking/popping my face

Okay sorry if this grosses anyone out but it really is something I struggle with! I have compulsive need to pick at or pop any acne on my skin especially my face. It makes my skin look so much worse than it would be if I didn't do this to it, but every time I look in a mirror (especially to do my brows) I get distracted and just start picking and can't stop myself. Does anyone else struggle with this too? I take prescription medicine for acne that doesn't seem to be working that well and also keep up with skin care morning and night. I have really oily and sensitive skin so I'm really prone to breakouts that seem to NEVER go away unless I pop them no matter what products I use or how long I leave the blemishes alone. 


Does anyone have any tips to help me stop or any experience with the same issue? 

Re: Can't stop picking/popping my face

Girl, you're definitely not alone. We're on the same boat. I can't help but pick on my acne because I always think that "it'll help it go away faster", but I know that it just doubles the damage. This is gonna sound sad but recently I just don't contemplate too much on my reflection in the mirror, because if I do i'm going to start noticing the tiny imperfections I have and I start to pick them. 

Thankfully, I found some holy grail products from Sephora that help with the breakouts, scarring, and my hyper pigmentation. I think it's all about finding products that work for you and self control when it comes to picking your acne. 🙂

RE: Can't stop picking/popping my face

Dermatillomania 😕 Struggling with it since I was 14. There’s a site called stoppickingonme that has some good info and support. Sorry your going through it 😕 you’re definitely not alone.

Re: Can't stop picking/popping my face

Same way it's my OCD. Yet as if the last two months I have it under control. Tried everything but seemed to find pimples even before they came to a head. Long story short. Found a exfoliant, salicylic acid acne treatment, retinol, tea tree oil treatment for pimples and pimple scars. 


Re: Can't stop picking/popping my face

I also have acne-prone skin and definitely feel the temptation to pick at pimples...if I do I try to be as hygienic as possible by popping pimples after a shower and not with my fingers directly but with clean tissue on both fingers, and then disinfect with tea tree oil diluted with toner.  As @Jessmakeup2 mentioned seeing a medical aesthetician is also a great option, the one I go to does microdermabrasion and then extracts all the built-up gunk in my skin which makes me less inclined to pick.


Another suggestion (which I really hope doesn't offend!) is to check out information about Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRBs), particularly because you described your experience as a compulsion to pick your skin.  Here is a website that has some more info, including access to online peer support to speak with others with similar concerns (you don't need to be Canadian to join).  It's actually fairly common (2-5% of the population) and while there isn't a cure, they do suggest that peer support or even psychotherapy (CBT) can be helpful to minimize these behaviours. 


I hope this info is helpful! 😃

RE: Can't stop picking/popping my face

I'm the same way. I ended up with box scars on my face from picking at cystic acne. I don't pick at my acne anymore (it's no longer cystic, just a few zits here and there that go away in a few days) but when I did have cystic acne there would be multiple of them in the same areas and the pressure hurt so much to move my face or it'd feel like it'd pop while I'm smiling that I'd just go ahead and pop them. Anyhow, I do microneedling treatments now to get rid of the scarring. It is expensive , and obviously no one wants deep scars on their face forever so just keep that in mind 😬

Re: Can't stop picking/popping my face

It's definitely really hard not to pick st s pimple even when you know it will make your skin worse. It's not always easy to just stop so if you're going to do it make sure your hands and skin are clean and use a toner or a cleanser after which st least will help stop germs from spreading.


But i agree with the person below me, getting your skin under control is the best way to not pick. Staying hydrated is really important and you may want to try switching to a cleanser geared toward acne ( I like the Peter Thomas Roth one ) and maybe try exfoliating twice a week to keep dead skin away 

RE: Can't stop picking/popping my face

I understand your struggles. I used to do the same too and I still do occasionally when I have break outs. If you are struggling with acne, i think a good first step is to go see an aesthetician for an extraction facial to clear all the gunk inside the skin. Your skin may purge a little bit after the facial but after a week or so, your skin should be a lot better. And if you keep up with the facials, and a good diet, you'll definitely see results and you'll be less tempted to pick at the pimples. Also, I started to drink lots of water when that happened to me and that also helped my skin too. I hope your skin gets better and that this helped!
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