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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

I was searching around online and I read somewhere that baby oil can cause break outs and clog pores since theres mineral oil in it. Which now I think I know why I've been getting all this acne for the past month to month and a half!! I started to use baby oil as a makeup remover around that time and since then I've been getting all my acne back. I used baby oil on monday to remove all my makeup and today I have break outs all over my cheeks and forehead. Smiley Sad


I do have very sensitive skin, so maybe this is the reason I'm breaking out?

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

I definitely wouldn't use that on your face. try something more gentle like a eye remover and makeup cloths. Also i know there are actual cleansing oils but im not sure of the ingredients off hand.



Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Yeah, I just feel so stupid that i didn't read what ingredients were in baby oil before I used it. Defiantly going back to my makeup wipes that were my HG.

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

I was also reading about people using coconut oil, which im thinking about trying. i think some use the cold pressed organic one, though im not familiar enough to know the difference.


hey it happens. i just realized my blotting sheets had mineral oil so i decided to p/u the boscia ones to try.

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

I use coconut oil on my face organic cold pressed(Publix) and do not suffer from breakouts because of it. I have oily skin so I was hesitant to use it but gave it a shot,and it did not make my face any oiler than normal,I did not slather it on though,I use just enough to have some on two fingers then put it on my face. Face is soft and smells good too =-) I also use it on my legs,I have super dry skin there and it works great to. I will admit I do not use it all the time for my face or legs but when I do I never have had any issues..

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

I was just watching a video, she used just a teaspoon for her face

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

My mom has a horrible allergic reaction to mineral oil, so yes, you absolutely can be sensitive to it!

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

I definitely think it's a possibility that the mineral oil from the baby oil could be triggering your breakouts.  Another possibility is that it could be from the fragrance in the baby oil--we all know that distinct, "baby powder" scent found in most johnson & johnson products.  I currently use baby oil as an EYE makeup remover only, being very cautious to avoid anywhere else on the face.  But sometimes the oil can travel or be hard to get off, which can ultimately result in a breakout.


I've done loads of research on mineral oil because I realized that it was in a lot of the products I was using that was making me break out.  I now avoid mineral oil at all costs (except for eye makeup remover as I want to use up what I have left) because I've found it to be extremely pore clogging.


There are loads of other alternatives out there for removing makeup.  I'm a huge fan of the makeup removing towlettes, as they are cheap and convenient.  Also, some more natural options that are safe for sensitive skin might be vitamine e oil, argan oil, or coconut oil.


Hope this helps and best of luck!

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Thank you for your reply! I now plan on looking into some daily face products I use to see if it has mineral oil. 


I read there was fragrance in the oil and i freaked out even more since once again my skin is so sensitive to everything including fragrance.

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Yikes! Since you do have very sensitive skin I would recommend discontinuing the use of baby oil since it sounds like it isn't agreeing with you. We do carry a lot of different oil cleansers that work for more delicate skin types.


Josie Maran Cleansing Oil

I will use this before doing an at home facial or deep cleanse several times a week.



Fresh Soy Cleanser

You mentioned that you use baby oil to remove your makeup. This cleanser can be used all over the face and will remove traces of makeup gently (even mascara). I'd recommend using a face cleanser instead of baby oil since the skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive. 



The Sephora Collection Express Cleansing Wipes


These work well for removing traces of makeup that might have been left behind around the eye area after washing your face.




Whimsically yours,

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Thank you Janine! I have a sample of the Fresh Soy Cleanser so I'll defiantly give that a try!

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

fresh soy is amazing!!! ive been using it for over a year to cleanse. and ive been using it for 4mon with my clarisonic- great combo

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Check out Caroline Hirons blog (beautymouth) and read her link on acne.  Number 1 item is avoid mineral oils.  Search on baby oil and you will see her post on clinic lessons and some great tips.  She ends with this comment about baby oil: "Don't use it on your face. Don't use it full stop. And don't ever, ever, use it on your poor baby."  Read through the comments; she says its 100% mineral oil and suffocates the skin.


Of course, she doesn't think highly of cleansing wipes, either.  Smiley Happy


I do think, though, that baby oil is probably what is causing your problems, and probably has nothing to do with skin being sensitive.  It might cause anyone problems.  Get a good, proper makeup remover/cleanser.  Natural oils are okay and can be good for you, but not the mineral oil.


Good luck.

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Thank you. I will go search her blog Smiley Happy

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Do.  Her latest post is all about cleansing and I found it very useful.

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Baby oil really is not a good makeup remover especially for eye makeup.  It can lead to milia in the eye area by clogging the pores and ducts.

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Baby oil is not a good makeup remover it's thick and settles in your pores and will absolutely break you out you just can't get it rinsed to where your gave is really clean.

Re: Can baby oil cause break outs/acne?

Yeah, I never knew that until I searched it up. But I have stopped using it and so far my skin is clearing up pretty good! Smiley Happy

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