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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Can anyone help my skin

I asked specific questions before about my skincare but I thought it would be best to include pictures of my skin, so if anyone has dealt with the same skin issues or similar to help me. Products can be from Sephora or from anywhere else. I have gone to a Dermatologist and made it worse, and right now I dont have insurance to go again. I have a clarisonic mia but havent used it in months, because I thought it was expensive to buy brush heads and im not even sure of which one to buy. I have sensitive skin, dry, and throughout the day those spots on my face get really really RED.

Re: Can anyone help my skin

I know how you feel, first of all!  Because I did a little research and lead Caroline Hiron's blog with her Acne Cheat Sheet, I have not had a SINGLE blemish in nearly 4 months.  That's coming from horrible, constant cystic acne.


i think you have a pretty easy solution.  1) Do not use a Clairsonic. 2) Use one product a day that has salicylic acid in it.  (That will keep your pores unclogged.). 3) Use only oil-free products.  4) Use only clean washcloths when washing your face and never, ever pick at your skin.


Trust me: This is fixable!

Re: Can anyone help my skin

I have very similar skin to yours with it being very sensitive, but still tends to break out often. I really would stay clear of the clarisonic except for twice a week. Using it twice a week will get rid of  a lot of your blackheads and bumps, but be prepared for redness the next day so you'll have to decide if it's worth it. Personally, I didn't think it was worth it for how red it made my skin.

Have you tried taking Evening Primrose Oil? It looks like your bumps are from internal problems more than external so it could be hormonal. The EPO will regulate the oil on your face, control your acne, and will help your hair just like a fish oil would. 

The products that work best for me are Fresh Soy Facial Cleanser, Murad Acne Spot Treatment, and Tarte Maracuja Oil. These three combined got rid of my redness and my acne so I highly recommend them! The oil is the most important in my opinion though. Ever since I ditched my moisturizer for the oil my skin has been almost flawless.

I really hope this helps, pm me if you have any questionsSmiley Happy

Re: Can anyone help my skin

Hmmm I was actually thinking about using Evening Primrose Oil, I think you sold me! I had the maracuja oil at one point, and made me really red :/ But I think I will try out the cleanser you recommended, do you know how long it typically lasts you?

Re: Can anyone help my skin

Since a dermatologist is a no-go at the moment, maybe I can help you out, considering I have sensitive skin which is acne prone (it is a lot harder to find products that work).  


First off, what is your skincare like at the moment?  What products do you use?  Also, if you are willing to change everything, are you allergic to seaweed or algae?


I have been using a brand called Repechage with great success.  It is gentle on the skin and contains algae and seaweed to help nurture the skin.  There is a sensitive line Hydra4 which works out well.  The toner is a spray toner but, it does include Witch Hazel, which is known to have a lot of benefits.  I really cannot say how much I love this brand - it is one of the few which doesn't irritate my skin nor cause redness.  I believe it had helped healed up my skin a lot (and I had both white heads and under the skin pimples, which has diminished or disappeared).


To try it, there is a travel size kit, so you don't have to commit to full sizes right away.  It included the cleanser, moisturizer, toner and mask (I seriously love their mask!).  It makes it a bit easier in order to try products without the worry.


You can order the products on the Repechage website and, if you wish, read the reviews on the product.


Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to pm me. I know how sensitive skin and acne is - not a pleasant experience at all.

Re: Can anyone help my skin

Right now I use the first aid beauty cleanser for sensitive skin. I used to use a bliss toner but felt like it made my skin worse. I then sometimes use a moisturizer with glycolic acid, everyday use a vitamin e moisturizer, and 2x a week I do a clay mask. How long did it take you to see some results with the products?

Re: Can anyone help my skin

With Repechage, it didn't take long at all to see results.  I've noticed that slowly my acne is beginning to clear up and it has been a little over a week since I've started use with my products.  I found these products because it is what we use during facials (I go to Beauty School) and they have been the only products that have actually helped me out.


Glycolic acid might be way too much for your skin.  I cannot use them at all.  Just irritates my skin even more.  Instead, I use a facial scrub twice a week that contains oatmeal (it is Repechage Oatmeal and Almond scrub) and if I do get acne, use a spot treatment.  I think that by taking out the Glycolic acid (as much as people love to use it), it might actually benefit your skin.  Glycolic Acid is not recommended for skin that is very sensitive.  Instead, maybe try Blue Plasma?  It is a much more gentle way of exfoliation and I find it non-irritating.


I would also consider dropping the clay mask and getting something that will moisturize your skin.  As much as you do have acne, you might be making it worse by irritating it.

Re: Can anyone help my skin

Hmm I might have to try that line out then. As a 20 year old, I am tired of covering my face with makeup. I wanted to try Blue Plasma but I am not sure will it help with the under skin acne, and the price scares me. Since you have experienced similar problems, do you recommend the clarisonic? 

Re: Can anyone help my skin

I personally would stay away from the clarisonic unless you only use it twice a week as your exfoliator.  I found it harsh on my face and actually caused small bumps to appear on my forehead from using it - they disappeared after I discontinued the use.


And as for the Blue Plasma, you use it once a day and I find two drops cover my whole face (I imagine it is going to last me about five months or so).  Because of that, I actually think it is worth it.  Plus, it would probably be a lot safer for your skin than all the acids.


One thing that I have noticed is that with acne companies, they more so specialize with products that are geared towards combo/oily skin.  It is very hard to find acne products for dry and/or sensitive skin.

Re: Can anyone help my skin

I can't be sure from the pictures, but it looks like your acne is under the surface of your skin.  I used to get acne similar to that & ended up going to the dermatologist.  I was prescribed a cream that had steriods & some pills.  After about 5 months of using those my face cleared up.  It wasn't a miracle fix though I still struggle with blackheads.  & I know everyone says this but don't pick, not once.  I finally stopped picking & now when I do get a pimple it is gone within a couple of days if I don't pick at the area.

Re: Can anyone help my skin

Do you remember what cream you were prescribed?

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