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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


I'm currently 19. In a year or so I will be getting married. How can I attack these breakouts without drying my skin out or causing worse breakouts? I have combination skin. Please help. I want to look perfect the day I say "I do"

Re: Breakouts!

I recommend washing your face 2x a day.


Once at night with a clarisonic brush (sensative or acne brush head). (if you have never used a clarisonic, expect your skin to purge and break out for the first 2 weeks before clearing up) swfupload_4491767369992682109.jpg


Purity face wash by Philosophy works really well for keeping the skin clean without drying it out. swfupload_3122997277671081140.jpg


And don't forget to moisturize! After every time you wash your face or get out of a hot shower. I use Clinique Dramatically different, for dry/combination skin.


I hope this helps clear up those breakouts. Congratulations on getting married!

Re: Breakouts!

My suggestion for you would be go to a professional and get your skin geared for that day so everything will be perfect. Remember you only have that one day to do pictures, make sure you look great! Hope this helps!

Re: Breakouts!

If you're acne-prone, don't use the dramatically different moisturing lotion, use the GEL version of it.  It's lighter. 

I'd also recommend trying an oil.  (Yes, I know that's counterintuitive, but adding a few drops to your moisturizer can help normalize oil production and clear up blemishes).  If you're going to a Sephora store, ask for some samples of oils such as the Josie Maran argan oil and/or Tarte Maracula oil.

Re: Breakouts!

Forewarning: these aren't sephora products mentioned. What I've found helps is using just a simple face wash like Clean & Clear's morning burst with a washcloth rinsed in very hot water at night, then using Olay's Regenerist Regenerating serum at night (I'm not kidding, this prevents breakouts and fades dark spots,and it makes your skin soft. Also it's for balancing skin, so your combination skin would benefit. It's the only holy grail skin care product I've found and is affordable at costco.) Over that I use a Mary Kay timewise moisturizer, but that one is just okay. Any moisturizer should work well, and then in the morning I sometimes wash my face again lightly and put on some more of the Olay Serum, but usually I just jump right into make up. I hardly ever get breakouts anymore, where I used to have at least 8 pimples at a time on my cheeks, and my skin is getting a chance to heal without harsh acne fighting products. Hope I helped!

Re: Breakouts!

Also forgot to mention, make sure your foundation isn't breaking you out! I was using a Mary Kay medium coverage foundation (my grandma is a mary kay lady and hates when I shop at sephora but mary kay can never beat my NARS sheer glow) and my clairosonic (which I used for 3 months so no my skin wasn't purging!) made my skin break out beyond anything I'd ever even imagined.

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