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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I'm divorcing the ProActiv and am on the hunt for a new acne system and have it narrowed down to the Boscia Clear Complexion Kit and Philosophy's On a Clear Day system and am looking for feedback from people who have tried either, or even better, BOTH!


I'm 29, half-Asian and have combo skin with regular breakouts on my forehead and chin.  I'll get the occasional monster cystic pimple, but for the most part it's smaller, white-head style, with a few black-heads sprinkled in for annoyance.

The ProActiv has helped control my skin, but I still get the occasional breakout and overall my skin is just not that clear.  Thoughts?

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I'm a Proactiv user and I had the same problem. The system kept my skin pretty clear, but I still had some blackheads and the occassional pimple. What really helped me was adding a glycolic/salicylic serum into the mix as well as a Clarisonic brush. The clarisonic brush helped with my stubborn whiteheads which sort of needed to be "buffed" away, but the glycolic acid helped clean out and keep new blackheads at bay on my nose. Seriously, I wish I had before and after photos to show you! My regimen is, in this order:


Proactiv Cleanser (with my Clarisonic)

Proactiv Toner

Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel

Proactiv Repairing Treatment


Adding the acid component to your regimen will really help with the non-inflammatory aspect of your acne. I really like the PTR one because it's not sticky like a lot of serums, and even though it's pricey, a little goes a long way (my 2 oz. bottle lasted 4 months, being used twice a day).


If you're not convinced of adding a salicylic or AHA/BHA component to your regimen, at least consider the Clarisonic. I've never met someone who uses it who didn't say it was life-changing.


I can't speak to Boscia or Philosophy as I've only used their products via samples, but I wanted to let you know what worked for me!

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I've used both of those Kits AND Proactiv and they all GAVE me acne and made things worse ( redness, dryness, sensitivity...)


My holy grail is Acnetix and I havent used anything else since!

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I am Currently Using Philosophy's On a Clear Day and came to the forum to see what would be better. I've always had to rotate through different lines because my skin grows immune to products pretty quick. After using the Aveda Outer peace line for about a year successfully it quit working and I went to Sephora where the advisor recommended Philosophy. The first  3 months I thought I was in  LOVE!!! It pretty much worked instantly. But now  6 months in my skin is over it - the breakouts are back with a vengeance and I also have more black heads and clogged pores than I think I have ever had. This has been the quickest that a product line has quit working so now am back on the hunt for a new skin care line.

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

Neither. Acnetix. I have also used Proactiv years ago and it GAVE me acne and completely screwed up my face and it took me YEARS and countless products and money until I found my saving grace-Acnetix.

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I'd go with Boscia- it's more natural. I tried Philosophy's On a Clear Day Set a long time ago and it really didn't help me.

Proactiv- tried it and broke out even more! Benzoyl Peroxide dries and ages skin. Best for spot tx.

I'm a fan of Philosophy, new to Boscia- but I tried the nighttime moisturizer and it's good, not heavy at all. In fact, if your skin is oily, it's the best for you.

Go with the trial sets to see what works for you.

I'm trying the Clinique 3 step acne kit now.

Hope you find something that works!

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

Well, this really just depends on your skin. I have used both (and the clinique acne line - which did nothing for me either). Between the two you mentioned, I would def recommned Bosica over on a clear day. I generally dont like philosphy skincare line but did try this and it did nothing for my breakouts at all! Bosica was def better. It did help alot in the begining but then my skin got used to it and so I started breakout out again. I use the Kate Somerville line now.


Also, let me recommend that you wash your face with Fresh Umbrian Clay (either the bar or tube). It will work wonders for your skin and will really help with your acne.

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

BOSCIA!!!! I am 22 and recently started getting breakouts that sound just like what your dealing with. I got the Boscia Clear Complexion kit and i'm loving it! going to get the bigger bottles of everything in the kit later this week!! Pimples and black heads gone, pores smaller and my skin is just generally smoother. everyone has noticed 🙂 i did also get the philosophy tinted moisturizer (it's ok) and make sure you get a sample of a boscia mask.

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

Boscia is the best. I've tried both...I still use Philosophy's Purity Made Simple cleanser to take my makeup off at night, but otherwise Boscia is the way to go. I tried their oil-free starter kit & LOVED it! I wasn't sure if it was going to be strong enough for me since it's all natural...I have problems with acne and much as I love the idea of using natural products, sometimes they don't have enough kick for me. But I was pleasantly surprised and am planning on purchasing the full size products. Using this has really decreased the oil production on my face & made it softer & smoother.

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne? competition.  BUT!!!! get rid of cystic acne...STOP USING ANY PRODUCT WITH BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE!  That's how I got rid of that HUGE problem.  If doesn't help after a may need to have your hormones checked.


Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I would NOT recommend the Philosophy On A Clear Day kit.  I get regular breakouts like you and have combo skin, and found that while it felt gentle, it was drying and not working nearly as well as it should: as in I still broke out regularly.  I didn't notice a significant enough decrease in breakouts to recommend this product, especially at that price.  I found that it didn't control my oil but also further dried out my already dry acne patches.  I used it every other day and weaned it into everyday, but it was just drying my skin.  I found the spot treatment useless altogether.  The gel smells terrible.  The wash is ok, and the retinol cream is probaly the only thing I felt helped me (fade older acne scars) but with any retinol, you will get the same results.


I hope you find something that works.  There are a lot of great reviews on this site.  Good luck!

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I used to get cystic stuff, but Philosophy's Help Me and regular old Benzoyl Peroxide did the trick. I like Boscia because it's non-irritating, but it didn't help clear up anything. Help Me took a while to work (like a month), but it addressed the horrible acne and softened by scowl lines too!

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

I recommend Clinique's "Acne Solutions" line of products.  They make some great skincare products (I love their foaming cleanser) and I will list a few below:

You can get the three above items in a set together to try out (and save money by getting them in a set) called "Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit" and you can find it at:​&categoryId=B70

Acne Solutions even makes a liquid foundation, concealer and other makeup products also.  The Acne Solutions products are gentle on sensitive skin, too.

I hope this helps you.

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

Philosophy's "On a Clear Day" line worked wonders for me!  All the women in my family have had pimple problems well beyond the teenage years, with nothing really seeming to help.  My skin is kind of sensitive, so many of the other products were just too harsh and seemed to make things worse.  The Philosophy line took a few weeks, but it really cleared up my issues.  Your troubles sound similar to what I used to have.  I got the kit so I was using the full line religiously and I was really very pleased.  I found the price to be pretty bearable too.  The only drawback was that after long-term use I noticed that when I would sweat (which was alot because I was living in south Florida at the time) I'd get that sulfur smell you'll pick up in the cleanser.  Nobody else could seem to smell it, though.  After using the line for about a year I quit and haven't really had any problems (other than the occasional whitehead at THAT time of month) since.  I haven't tried the Boscia.


Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

Some thing to consider is what is causing your breakouts. I am from canada where we don't carry the Philosophy collection. If you have concerns with sensitivity, or if you prefer natural based ingredients, the Boscia line would be great. Philosophy is a great brand and if you have experienced dryness in the past, it could be drying due to the sulphur. What I would really recommend is booking a consultation with your local Sephora store, as everyone's skin is different and breakouts are usually a sign that something can be improved internally as well as topically. Something that has helped clear up my skin, and keep it from being dry in the winter and oily in the summer, is Greens+. It balances inside (re alkalines your body) which makes it more resistant to bacteria, and thus breakouts.


I would also HIGHLY recommend (more than Greens+, Philosophy, or Boscia) that you try the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush. this is the gentlest way to exfoliate, and it works by using sonic pulses to clean your skin 6x's better than with your hands, facecloth or manual brush. This product can cause more breakouts at first, and using it for one month will pull you through the break out period and give you glowing skin. You will never have a problem with a clogged pore or breakout again!


Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

that is very untrue...I have started breaking out again and the only change in my routine is the clairosonic.  I guess it doesn't work for everyone.  I have about 5 bad blemishes currently.  That is not normal for me.

Re: Boscia or Philosophy for Acne?

ClickR- No More Derma Drama!! It is new to Sephora but I have been using it and it is really clearing up my skin!

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