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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Best skin care for acne prone skin that is highly sensitive/reactive and prone to rosacea?

My skin is extremely sensitive - reacting negatively to a lot of things with fragrance, dyes and some but not all oils.  It is generally on the dry side.  I had acne years ago and finally resolved it by taking acutane.  Then, a few years ago I started to develop moderate Rosacea.  Over the past six months, my acne has started to come back.  I usually have anywhere from 1-3 pimples at a time but they are usually deep and qutie large. 


 I'm currently using Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser (once a day - twice is too harsh on my skin), a drugstore astringent - just on the pimples, not all over my face, Murad Sensitive Skin Smoothing Serum, Bliss No Zit Sherlock Correcting Serum (for the scars that the pimples leave) and any number of drugstore topical acne treatments directly on the pimples.  I use Clinique Redness Solutions Cream for a moisturizer and La Vanilla sunblock.   


My acne doesn't seem to be getting any worse but it doesn't seem to be getting better either. 


Any other suggestions? 


Thanks Smiley Happy

You may not be able to buy this at Sephora, but I have us...

You may not be able to buy this at Sephora, but I have used L'occitaine products, specifically the red rice line. The cleanser is super gentle and has a light natural scent and the toner balances. I'm not super keen on the mattifying face fluid (day) because you need something with a little more moisture at night. I don't have rosacea, but I do have sensitive acne prone skin and I found this stuff has never once bothered me in the slightest. It's not too expensive either, uses completely plant based stuff, and a lot of it is organic or mostly organic. The products are priced based on the ingredients, so if its not an expensive plant, the item will be reasonably priced, but such as the anti-aging products use a special flower, they are a little bit more. The rice stuff is around $20-$30.

I agree that a simple regime is the best. You need to cle...

I agree that a simple regime is the best. You need to cleanse the skin and treat the acne.   The rest should take care of itself.


You need a simple, basic cleanser with absolutely no oils, moisturizers or fragrances.   Purity by Philosophy is great.  I use Ivory soap then Purity because I am so oily, but the Ivory may be too harsh for your sensitive skin.   At the other end of the cost spectrum from Philosophy is Almay ... they make great products for sensitive skin.


Then, I would pick the topical acne spot treatment, for the actual blemish, that works the best for you.   I use a Neutragena treatment, but that may not work for you.  I also find that after a few months (usually the 2nd or third tube) I need to switch it up for a month or two.   My acne tends to react better when I change a couple to a few times a year.


Then, the final step should be a make-up routine that is simple, clean, non-oily, frangrance free and promotes healthy skin.   And here is where I think that the only option is Bare Minerals.    If you read some of my other posts from today, you may think I am part BE infomercial!    But I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the stuff!!    I have been using it exclusively for almost 7 years now, and the difference in my skin then and now is AMAZING!   And it didn't take long to get this way.   Only a few months after I threw out all of my liquid foundations and cream blushers and cakey translucent powder, I started getting many compliments on my skin.  And one of the things that was a pleasant surprise was the compliment was .... you have such pretty skin.  Not,  I like your make-up.


Here are a couple of other changes I made and I think they help.  


* I purchased about 2 dozen inexpensive white wash cloths.   Every time I was my face, I use a clean one to dry with.  I never touch my face with a towel.   And after I use the white wash cloths just once, I wash it in hot water and use bleach.   I then dry it on the hottest setting my dryer has.  I think that by using a clean, bleached cloth each time, I don't allow my face to come in contact with bacteria that may linger on a body towel that doesn't dry completely.


* I hate drinking water, but I do make sure I drink 4-5 glasses each day.  I add lemon or lime juice so it has some taste, but I honestly am a diet coke-aholic. 


* I never wash my face when I take a bath, only in the shower.  If I take a bath, I wash my face at the sink when I get out.  Same concept as the clean wash cloth each time.  Oils and bacteria from my body are not on my face this way.


*  I wash my face three times a day.  Morning, after work and before bed.  Sometimes on the weekend more often. 


Good Luck!



I think you should keep your regimen simple. If the astri...

I think you should keep your regimen simple. If the astringent contains alcohol, you should really not use it especially on pimples. Since your skin is prone to rosacea, I would advise to skip the No Zip Sherlock serum. I know from personal experience that anything that can lessen scars can also further acne. Some may disagree, but unless you're using everything from one kit designed to lessen scarring in addition to providing moisture, I would just skip that serum. One serum is enough in a regimen for acne-prone skin. I also know that a serum is meant to go under a moisturizer to prep the skin to lock in more moisture. I hope this helps!

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