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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Best products for Dry Skin, Acne Prone in T-Zone, and Enlarged Pores?

Recently, my face has been breaking out in the T-Zone area, but it's dry and flaky, especially right after washing it. The dryness may be because it's winter but my pores have been getting larger and they seem to be somewhat clogged. 

I'm currently using Bare Minerals Foundation to hide pores and acne on my face, but I really need products that'll actually help my skin. 

Can someone please recommend a good moisturizer/face wash/exfoliator or any other products for my skin?

Thank you!(:

There is a possibility that you are getting pimples in yo...

There is a possibility that you are getting pimples in your t zone area, because your skin is dry and the dead skin cells are clogging your pores.  Your pores may not be any larger and only larger in appearance, because they are filled with dead skin cells.  So you should get a facial wash with a natural exfoliator in the product (that isn't abrasive) like glycolic acid.  That will remove your dead skin cells and brighten any dark spots caused by pimples. Just be careful to pick one that will not overly dry out your skin. 


PTR anti-aging wash

PTR 10% glycolic wash


These can dry out your skin, so only use once a day (morning) and a wash purely for removing make up at night.  The best one that I have used for night time is Philosophy Purity.  It never strips your skin!  Ever!


I think using a balancing lotion would be the best thing for you.  LIke Philosophy's Hope in a Jar and Dermalogica's Intensive Moisture Balance.  


You might want to add a mask or peel once a week to help with dead skin cell removal.  Try one that doesn't strip your skin.  I suggest Philosophy Oxygen Peel (I can't remember the exact sorry).  It really brightens your face.  Plus, you can use it three days in a row to super boost the complexion, and then once a week after that.


Good Luck <3

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