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Best face wash for sensitive skin?

Okay, so I have struggled with not terrible, but noticeably annoying acne for almost all my life. Recently, my skin is about 75.5% clear with a lot of acne scarring and redness. The problem I have is finding a wash that 1.) makes my skin feel clean and refreshed, 2.) prevents/heals breakouts, and 3.) reduces redness from past acne scars and irritation. My skin type varies from oily to dry depending on the season, but it is very, VERY sensitive and easily irritated. Any suggestions? Right now I am using the Soap & Glory vitamin C wash and it seems okay, but my skin texture is not the best. 

(I cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate, and use vitamin C serums, but I am mostly looking for a good cleanser I can rely on. I'll also take any toner or other serum recommendations as well.) 

Let me know what you guys recommend!!! 
Thanks ❤️

I highly recommend Fresh Soy Cleanser. I switched to it a...

I highly recommend Fresh Soy Cleanser. I switched to it about 2 months ago and my acne has lessened, and my skin looks more even toned. It's very gentle and refreshing and leaves no residue on your face

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?


What's the rest of your skincare routine? No single face wash in the world is going to miraculously fix all of those problems. At a very minimum, I'd recommend cleanse then tone (or essence, for added hydration) then treat (perhaps vitamin c to work on reducing scarring/discoloration, or perhaps retinol, which can be beneficial for breakouts, or a mix of the two on an alternating schedule) then moisturize.


I don't have sensitive skin, so I'm not sure my specific products would be the best for you, but here's what I use each night:


(I'm oily and breakout prone)

Tarte Deep Dive cleansing gel

Andalou Naturals Illuminate C toner

Paula's Choice 1% retinol + 3 drops of facial oil

Origins Night A Mins cream



Either Philosophy Purity Made Simple or a cleansing wipe if I'm really lazy or in a hurry

FAB facial radiance pad

Ole Henriksen Vitamin C serum

Origins GinZing gel moisturizer


I mix products up here and there... I'm currently working through various samples to find my faves, so many of the above items aren't necessarily set in stone, but the idea is routine will always include retinol and vitamin c in some form or another.


First Aid Beauty is a good place to start; their line is formulated for sensitive skin. I'm sure other folks with more experience with sensitivities can make other recommendations as well ☺️

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

I guess I should have specified my routine more. I usually cleanse and moisturize twice a day, and exfoliate about 1-3 times a week. I also use Vitamin C drops as well, but I am still waiting to see if they make any difference for my acne scars. Sometimes if I am feeling dry I use the Mario Badescu Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea spray or the Clinique Moisture Surge. I have never had good luck in finding a toner that works for my skin, but I am definitely open to suggestions on that as well. I was looking for a better cleanser since it does play a big part in the whole skincare process and I am not necessarily happy with the one I am using right now. It just doesn't give me that squeaky clean, refresh feel that I long for. I've heard a lot of good things about First Aid Beauty so I will definitely check them out! Thanks for the help! 

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?


So many folks say squeaky clean is bad since it's generally a sign that your skin has been harshly stripped (I secretly love it though, and still long for that feeling lol). 

Tarte's Deep Dive has been a good compromise for me...I feel clean without feeling "too clean" (aka dry and tight). FAB didn't give me that feeling...but it's not meant to either; it's a much gentler, creamy cleanser. Give 'em both a shot's worth knowing what works for you and your sensitive skin 🙂

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

You're right! By squeaky clean, I meant replenished and refreshed. I HATE feeling tight and dry! It's probably one of the worst feelings for someone with sensitive skin like me. I am definitely going to look more into FAB. It seems to be a common recommendation 🙂 

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

Hi @Kohedges- That's a difficult problem to have; acne combined with sensitive skin.  My son is the same way and he really likes Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip Cleanser.  Having said that, I'm going to try some of First Aid Beauty's cleansers on him because they're less expensive, and that brand seems to work well with sensitive skin.  Specifically, the Deep Cleanser with Red Clay, which Sephora sells.  First Aid Beauty also sells a bar soap on their site that might work well for you also.

I did try their regular Face Cleanser, but even for me, with dry skin, it was so rich it clogged my pores, so I'm not sure how that would be with someone with acne.

Hope you find something!

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

I've heard a lot of good things about First Aid Beauty. I had a sample of their ultra repair cream in one of my subscription boxes and I loved it! I'll definitely look more into it! Thanks for the suggestions!!

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

@Kohedges  You're very welcome!  We couldn't live without that Ultra Repair Cream.  In a pinch, I use their shower gel (which I also love,) as a face wash too. 

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

I second Ceramic Slip for super-sensitive skin, I use it as my second cleanse after an oil or a balm. Fresh soy cleanser is nice too.


Also highly recommend Origins mushroom toner for sensitivity/redness, as well as Kypris clearing serum (I alternate between that one and Moonlight Catalyst).


For texture, I find that fruit enzymes work better for me than straight up acids (I get tiny surface pimples around my hairline and red spots that look like irritated peach fuzz follicles on my jawline/cheeks). Kypris Moonlight Catalyst is a really nice and gentle serum exfoliator, Herbivore Blue Tansy mask is great too. 



With this routine I only break out if I use drying clay masks outside my T-zone or start introducing strong exfoliators or thick moisturizers (I currently use Jordan Samuel hydrate serum + Kypris sunscreen as my moisturizer during the day (or Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet if I'm staying inside), and Jordan Samuel cream mixed with Vintners Daughter oil at night -- this one costs an arm and a leg, but Fresh Seaberry Oil is nice too). 


Hope this helps!

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

Great Suggestions! I am going to look into the Origins mushroom toner, as well as the Kypris clearing serum you recommended since I deal with a lot of redness myself! I have never heard of Kypris before, but I am thinking I better check them out pronto!! Thank you!

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

Kypris is a green beauty brand, which is on the pricier side, but keep in mind that their serums are 50 ml, instead of the usual 30, and ingredients are stellar. 

Re: Best face wash for sensitive skin?

@fantaji  You are so right!  I love that 10000 Roses serum.

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