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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Best cleanser for combination and acne prone skin?

Nothing to harsh please!!!! 

I usually use the product demagogic but lately it just hasn't been working well for me

Re: Best cleanser for combination and acne prone skin?

BOSCIA DETOXIFYING BLACK CLEANSER! its absolutely amazing ! i broke out because of a foundation so i stopped wearing makeup and now im left with two zits that are half way gone ! i loveeeeee itt

Re: Best cleanser for combination and acne prone skin?

boscia - Purifying Cleansing Gelboscia - Detoxifying Black Cleanser


Boscia's formulas are formulated to be gentle but effective, packed with nourishing botanicals and in formulas that are void of many synthetics, fillers, and preservatives, I would suggest checking out either the Purifying Cleansing Gel or the Detoxifying Black Cleanser. Both formulas are gel, which tend to break down oil that is normally affliated with acne prone skin easier and both are void of sulfates, which are harsh soaps/lathering agents that can strip skin of essential oils to keep balanced.


The Purifying (white bottle) will focus more on a well-rounded clean (it also serves as a make up remover) for combination and acne prone skin without the use of harsh acne fighting ingredients. Amino acids strengthen skin's own defenses while anti oxidants also give skin a boost. It's a good formula that focuses on cleansing and helping to rebalance skin not necessarily just dose it in strong/active ingredients. The Detox (black bottle) is more oriented to drawing out impurities and also addressing pores. If blackheads and enlarged pores are more the concern from the combination/acne prone matter, this formula utilizes charcoal to help pull impurities from pores and control oil while artichoke extract helps to strengthen pore walls and resiliency to improve the look of skin.

Re: Best cleanser for combination and acne prone skin?

I find Purity too harsh for my skin. It dries me out too much.

I really like Kate Somerville Daily Detox Cleanser. It's made for acne prone skin and it doesn't dry my face out but my face feels super clean afterwards Smiley Happy

Re: Best cleanser for combination and acne prone skin?

Seconding Purity Made Simple -- or simply look for a gentle cleanser that will not foam. Dermalogica really dried out and irritated my skin, so the sooner you can find something that works better for you, the better.

Re: Best cleanser for combination and acne prone skin?

Philosophy purity made simple. It's very gentle, removes makeup well, and does not dry out the skin.

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