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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Best acne kit?

I have never posted here before, but I am DESPERATE! I have tried so many different products for acne. I'm 18 years old, and have dealt with breakouts nonstop since I was in middle school. Of course there were times where it wasn't AS bad, but bad enough. My main problem areas tend to be on my cheeks and my chin, however lately my forehead has been very broken out (didn't really used to be an issue before). I try to keep my hair off of my face, and it is my whole forehead, so I don't think that that is my problem. I have tried everything - drugstore products, proactiv, murad, etc. and even went to the dermatologist when I was younger. He had me try different mixes of drugstore cleansers and prescription gels etc. My mom says that I was on an antibiotic for a period of time as well, however I don't remember this. After spending long enough there, (I was still fairly young - probably in middle school, so I wasn't quite as diligent with my skincare routine), I gave up on the dermatologist because I didn't feel that I was getting any better results. I struggled with it all throughout high school. The last two 'sets' I used were Mary Kay and Clinique. Mary Kay seemed to work for a while, but it seemed that my skin got used to it after a while. As for clinique, it was too harsh for my skin. 


I have pretty oily skin, as well as a bit of redness and hyper-pigmentation. I'm ready to try something new, and hoping that all goes well. Even though I tried it before, I have thought about trying Murad again. I have seen some really good reviews, but there was also some people that absolutely hate it. I don't want to become one of those who use it for the full month and look a whole lot worse. I have also considered the Philosophy acne kit, the Peter Thomas Roth kit, and the Formula 10.0.6 kit. I have researched all three of these, and they all have mainly good feedback. 


Has anyone used these, and can say what they like? Or is there something else out there that I should look into?


Right now, I'm using Cetaphil foaming oil control wash for acne prone skin, a rotation of St. Ives apricot scrub and green tea scrub, a witch hazel toner, neutrogena naturals acne spot treatment, and a sephora moisturizer. 

I did use the Korres toner for a period of time, and really liked it - however the ingredients were comparable to the witch hazel toner I am using now. 

Re: Best acne kit?

Thank you! I had actually been using the information for my skincare routine for a while, but it just wasn't working for me. I learned through using this that my skin just doesn't respond to benzoyl peroxide. I had been using the Mary Kay Velocity line prior to that, so I had already been using bp before starting with the advice. I just ended up switching to a different moisturizer and cleanser.


I have actually just switched back to the moisturizer that I was using as part of that regimen. But, I have now added in a toner, as well as an additional face wash containing salicylic acid and a salicylic acid spot treatment, as opposed to using the bp. 


I try to stay away from brushes like that because I am afraid that they will irritate my skin - I am pretty sensitive sometimes too. 

This is a bit off topic, but..

If you haven't, you should try using headphones while talking on the phone! You can use regular ones, or ones with a built-in mic - just be careful because sometimes the built-in mics can be really pricey. If your sound quality is good you can probably just get away with using regular headphones!) I spend a lot of time on the phone, so I started thinking about how all of that bacteria could just be moving around on my face. I started using headphones whenever I'm at home, and I'm just really conscious to not press my phone up against my face if I'm talking while I'm out. I believe that it has made some difference in my skin - I don't know how much, but I like knowing that I'm reducing something that could potentially irritate my skin!


Re: Best acne kit?

Yeah I've just been putting everyone on speaker phone - I hardly talk on the phone it's mostly texting so you can imagine how much bacteria from my fingers is on there. So now when anyone calls I just put them on speaker right away.

Re: Best acne kit?

that is exactly like my skin. what you need is this. get a leave on benzoyl peroxide gel for overnight and use it in breakout areas. it will take about 2 weeks to clear your skin mostly, you will still have small breakouts. to help with dryness use soap and glory clear here t-zone oil control daily moisture lotion. or cetaphil daily moisture once a day in the mornings.


I tried everything and only this routine made my skin as close to perfect as possible. you may have moderate acne like me, which is least common and hardest to treat. if you go on the proactive website they tell you descriptions of different kinds of pimples which is gross, but tells you ho to treat them. if you have whiteheads and others kinds like that, proactive does not help along with salicylic acid and antibiotics. also it is hard not to irritate redness, etc. the type of repetitive breaking out acne cannot be exfoliated or irritated too. finally, it can be hard for acne prone people to moisturize, but to make your skin look good not dry lather on non comedegenic lotion and it really wont clog pores or make you break out.


finally, for makeup, use smashbox hd definition liquid concealer with and apply it to larger areas where you break out with a sponge, then pat with your fingers. and use a concealer brush to get certain still uncovered blemishes. (after moisturizing in the morning). technically they say your not supposed to use concealer like this but it does wonders. use and laura mercier foundation too if you wish. finally, to control shine, use smashbox pressed powder or bronze lights bronzer if you wish. I wash my face with dove sensitive skin beauty bar in the nights and mornings before I moisturize. I use a murad clarifying mask once a week too.


I speak from very similar personal experience and I am double majoring in dermatology and cosmetology because of my own experience. I hope you consider these tips!

Re: Best acne kit?

Thank you! My skin really doesn't respond to benzoyl peroxide thogh, so I tend to stick with salicylic acid. I LOVE Laura Mercier but I haven't tried her foundation. I actually have two different foundations that I like right now, one from Estee Lauder and one from Clinique. I'm still searching for the perfect one, though! I use the tarte smooth operator loose powder to set my makeup - pressed powder never looks good on my skin, no matter how it is applied. It never even looks good when applied by a professional, honestly. I'm planning to try out the Murad clarifying mask. 

Re: Best acne kit?



So, I'm still using a gentle wash followed by a salicylic acid green tea wash that is very soothing for my skin. After that, I use a pore refining toner, followed by the same spot treatment, and now olay sensitive skin moisturizer with SPF. I am definitely noticing a difference in my skin - hopefully it will stay that way! 


I also use the Algenist exfoliator - it is sooo gentle and is not at all abrasive. My skin feels soooo nice after using it!

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