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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Bad blackheads.... Help!

My boyfriend has really big blackheads all over his nose and I want to help him get rid of them. He has pretty sensitive, oily skin and he's also really hairy (wondering if this has anything to do with the skin problems and badly clogged pores). We've tried Boscia Pore strips, but they only get a couple of the pores fully unclogged and then they leave little holes in his face that just re-clog overnight. Any suggestions would help! Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Bad blackheads.... Help!

Check out skincare by Dr. Hauschka. His philosophy is that like treats like. I have combination skin and the Normalizing Oil has done wonders for blackheads on my nose, chin and forehead. It sounds counter-intuitive to put oil on oily skin, but it's really a fantastic product (I've had a dermatologist for years, and this is the best solution I've come across). Also try the Cleansing Cream (not the milk version). It's exfoliants gently and can be used twice a day. Hauschka also has a deep cleansing clay mask that might be a nice addition twice weekly. Good luck! 

Re: Bad blackheads.... Help!

I'm in the process of trying Porefessional so hopefully it helps...will it ladies? Has anyone tried it?

Re: Bad blackheads.... Help!

Unfortunately if he is prone to blackheads, it is a continuous process to keep them at bay, and once pores become bigger it's not possible to shrink them.  That being said, I have dealt with this problem since puberty, and the only thing that I have had success with is using a Clarisonic with Perricone's glycolic cleansing bar followed by Intensive Pore Minimizer by the same line twice a day.  A cleanser with salicylic acid would work also.  The improvement has been significant.

Re: Bad blackheads.... Help!

Well said anaa!


Your boyfriend may also be interested in trying Kate Somerville's Exfolikate, an exfoliating treatment that should be used once or twice weekly for just 2 minutes. This intensive treatment will smooth and rejuvenate the skin while fighting blackheads as well as blemishes.


ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Whimsically yours,

Re: Bad blackheads.... Help!

Just  got this a week ago after asking a Sephora consultant what the best glycolic exfoliater was.  He said hands down this is great and after using it only twice (I am using it just once/wk), I agree!  I would recommend it for assisting in clearing up blackheads. 

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