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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Back acne

This might seem like a weird question, but has anyone tried facial masks for back acne? I've struggled with this problem for so long. It's not terrible, but nothing seems to work!

Re: Back acne

That could work, I'm had issues with that before, I noticed a huge difference when I started doing my body wash in the shower AFTER I'd rinsed out my conditioner fully. Smiley Happy

Re: Back acne

Wow, what a simple thing! I hadn't thought of that.  Thanks for the tip, MoreGun.

Re: Back acne

I just heard about this the other day and literally just started yesterday! I'm glad to hear this worked for you! Any body wash recommendations btw?

Re: Back acne

No problem, no recommendations besides a weekly scrub.  I haven't found an HG for either of these yet though.


Re: Back acne

This may be kind of weird, but a couple days a week I get my sister to clean and exfoliate (with a brush) and do a couple extractions for me... I love my sister a lot for helping me out  Smiley Happy 


But overall the biggest help for keeping bacne under control is too cleanse (with salicylic acid), and do exfoliations every week, so I don't get dead cell buildup and then moisturize so I don't get dry and itchy.

Re: Back acne

What a nice sister!

Re: Back acne

I havent tried a mask for the back, but I do buy this back spray that Murad makes.  Its for breakouts and it will even spray upside down so you can spray your own back ;-)  We dont all have an awesome sister to do it for us--kudos to ur sis!

Re: Back acne

You certainly can use a mask on your back. I've heard really good things about Murad Clarifying Body Spray. You just spray it on once a day to help reduce and prevent breakouts.  Since most people use it for the back, it is made to spray from all angles

Re: Back acne

Hi Bowlofmushypeas-


I also wanted to add to Keelys suggestion. Murad also make a good exfoliating wash for body acne.


Acne Body Wash

<3 Melissa
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