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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


Hey everyone!

I'm 22 and have a major problem with blackheads. My skin isn't really oily though. So basically, I get acne breakouts during my time of the month. Otherwise, I usually get compliments about how clear my skin is. However, my problem has been blackheads. Recently, my dad (who hardly notices anything) commented about how much more darker my nose was than the rest of my face. It was because of this I realized that I needed to take care of this problem.

My first step was to scour the web about tips and subsequently purchase the Clairsonic MIA 2 Cleansing System (which I was planning to purchase anyway). Many sites recommended a daily scrub, as well as moisturizing cream. They also suggested using a clay, deep cleansing mask once a week. Does anyone have any tips/product suggestions (diy/drugstore is okay) to getting rid of blackheads?


I think I have the same problem with you. And I choose to use Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque from Kiehl's. I cannot say it totally remove my blackhead, but I can tell it turns better than before. 

Moisturizer is also important, because it can help pores elastic to become smaller.

Hope my post can help you. 


What moisturizer do you use?


Check out the Biore nose strips (sold at drugstores, Target, Walmart, etc), they are designed to pull the blackheads out of the skin on your nose.  I have used them for years without issues, it's actually amazing to see how much gunk they will pull out.


Edit:  Perhaps I should clarify that "years without issues" means that I don't have a red nose filled with broken capillaries from using them, and no my pores aren't "stretched" out either, my nose is actually pretty smooth.  I only use them maybe once a month during the summer when my skin is more oily.  I don't let the strip dry to a crisp and rip it off then wonder why I lost a layer of skin...I wet the strip then peel it off gently using more water if necessary.


NO nose strips..they actually cause damage to the skin. Pores are stretched and stay open longer to get blocked again. Also they don't remove the root of it. St. Ives scrub also harms the skin.


Best to use a gentle exfoliater, one with round nubbies, so not to cause tiny skin tears and use a clay mask like origins clear improvement.


No exfoliater with the clarisonic as it's already exfolianting and you don't want to damage your skin - just use a smooth cleanser. The clarisonic will help products get in deep, in the pore, and help to clean them out or make the blackheads easier to push out. You may want to start with a facial to help the skin start new.


I've used the Clarisonic first, than a clay mask, as the pores are opened. Depending on the mask I have also put on before a shower (on a clean face Smiley Happy or after a shower since of the steam opens pores..not sure what works best yet.


I actually made up my mind even before posting this not to use the nose strips. It seems like a "get rid of easily" type of thing and I usually don't trust those. I mean, I feel like to really get skin where blackheads don't appear again you need to use a daily skincare regimen.

What do you suggest I use with the clarisonic? I wear no makeup everyday unless I have a job interview [I'm an undergraduate senior], or have a special occasion. My skin is relatively healthy but I never really follow a daily skincare routine! I really want to start.


I had a similar issue and would advise you to get a mask instead of the biore strips.


i bought biore's strips - they ruined my nose.  the strips ripped the capillaries in my nose so on top of blackheads I have red marks that now only months later are finally getting back to normal.


instead get a mask like origins or glamglow (my new favorite).  I sit in a hot shower opening my pores.  then i put on the mask.  with glamglow i leave it on as long as 20 minutes and then wash it off, then use my clarisonic.  i have seen a remarkable difference!  i did start by using origins and am so glad i made the change to glamglow - i use both the white and the black one.


good luck!


What do you use with your Clarisonic? As of right now (without my Clarisonic) I use the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Face Wash during my showers. However, I realize this is exfoliating.

Do you have any moisturizers that you can suggest as well? During the summer I used Clinique's Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen Face Cream because I have skin that is prone to getting tan even after a little while in the sun and like my skintone the way it is. I realize this isn't a moisturizer and haven't really been following a daily skincare regimen! s1151711-main-hero.jpg


I've tried the pore strips and it feels like they are ripping away all your skin when you take them off, and they get rid of blackheads but mine were always back in a couple days. I use Clinique Mild Toning lotion and it has seemed to help with blackheads a little. But what has really helped me is steaming. I put a pot of water on the stove and heat until almost boiling and then I pour it in a bowl and add tea tree oil (supposed to be good for acne, but you don't have to use it) and put a  towel over my head and the bowl to keep all the steam on my face and I usually steam for 10-15 minutes, then I do a scrub and a clay mask. The steam will also help you be able to extract some of them, but just be gentle. If you get the Clarisonic then you don't need a daily scrub, I would just do one 3-4 times a week. The Clarisonic definitely helped my blackheads, but not completely. 


Do you wear makeup? If so you might want to do a double cleanse (take off your makeup with one product and then cleanse with another. Right now I'm using Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing oil gel and FAB Skin Rescue deep cleanser. 


On a daily basis, no, I don't wear make up. As of now, I only wear makeup when it comes to job interviews (I'm a senior undergraduate), special events, and for dance performances. I'm very particular about the make up and products I use because I have peers around my age whose skin has been ruined by drugstore/cheap makeup -- so I stick to the high end products.

and thanks for the steaming tip! I'm all for all-natural solutions. Especially because I have a similar thing I do when I get a cold, just add Vick's Vapor Rub and voila -- cold gone!

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