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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

I've been cutting out meat for a while, and recently went full vegan and now my skin is freaking out. I've never really had that much acne to begin with, just usually around my period. But now my face is covered. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm trying to figure out if this something I need to ride out or change my whole skincare regimen...


any advice is greatly appreciated!

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

Hi Smiley Happy So, first of all, if you're eating enough calories, you're getting enough protein. people are protein obsessed and it's not a food group; its a part of every food. even veggies have protein. People eat 100g of protein and their body pees out the majority. ok, rant done.


So, 1st scenario is your body is detoxing. First skin gets worse and then it gets better. Annoying- I know. Or, it's something you're eating more of now that you eliminated other foods and have an intolerance to.  I would suggest trying to eat less gluten, sugar and soy. These foods cause acne in some people. Majority of people get acne from dairy though, so you got that out of the way!  Eat tons of legumes, veggies and quinoa and give yourself a month or 2 to see a difference. It's hard to wait that long, but that's how long it takes unfortunately.  Good luck and thank you for going vegan Smiley Happy

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

That happened to my sister.  My parents took her to see a doctor, and he determined that it was her diet.  Once she changed her diet, her skin improved dramatically.  I recommend seeing your PCP, a dermatologist and a nutritionist.  I'm not saying that you necessarily need to eat meat and dairy products, but you do need to be careful to get the right protein, etc. in your diet.  Not only do you need it for your skin, but you need it for your overall health.

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

you might also be allergic to some ingredients like soy, for instance. If you went vegan and been eating lots of stuff that contains soybean, soy lecithin, that can be the culprit. I'm allergic to soy. when I eat anything that contains soy like cookies, crackers or even use cleansers like fresh soy cleanser I break out like crazy . I get huge cysts all over my face that won't go away .  do an allergy test or try to cut out the ingredient that you think is causing breakouts and see if it makes any difference. good luck !

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

Thanks for your post! I've read some really scary articles that steered me away from too many soy based products because of the hormonal impact soy can have. I only eat tofu a couple times a week, but I thought that it was a small enough amount that it wouldn't cause issue, but maybe i do have an allergy to it and just blamed the breakouts on other things in the past...

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

I just wanted to add that when you do a drastic  change of diet like that you might find yourself introducing new foods to your diet to compensate the lack of protein. Maybe there is a new food that does not go well with you or maybe you are detoxing. Just be observant of new foods you may introduce.

Best wishes!

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

@phantompenguinx - Everything @ChicDabbler said.  When I went vegan (about 19 years ago), the biggest problems I ran into were not getting enough of some of the B vitamins and not enough protein.  I now take a complete B vitamin supplement (Solaray) and I add nutritional yeast to one of my meals most days.  Nutritional yeast if you're not familiar has 15 g of protein per serving.  It tastes kinda like cheddar cheese or Vegemite, and it comes in flakes.  It should be available in your local health food store.


I also take vitamins C, D, & E, magnesium, and zinc.  I prefer to pick and choose which supps I take vs. taking a multi.

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

Thanks for the vitamin tips and i will def try out the nutritional yeast. i'm still figuring out the balance with nutrition, there's just so much info out there and i get a bit overwhelmed.

and regarding difficulties with vitamin B levels in vegan diets, i've heard kombucha might be a good way to keep those levels up?

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

 You shouldn't get acne from eating healthy, lol, yikes. It is possible that with a drastic diet change you are suddenly not getting certain vitamins/minerals you need and you are breaking out due to adjusting to the internal changes.


If it doesn't go away in a few days of eating clean and healthy with plenty of water, sleep then you might need to examine external causes. If you are diligent about your skincare and there's no change, then it might be pillowcase/phone or change in the weather (humidity or pollution). If that is not it....then try a mask or serum. If you have oily skin then Origins Charcoal, Glamglow Supermud etc. If you have sensitive or combo/dry skin, the Farmacy Honey potion or Karuna Clarifying. You can also search BT for other acne advice/recommendations. Good luck and I hope it clears up soon!

Re: Anyone have experience/advice with vegan acne?

Thanks for the suggestions! yeah i'm hoping that over time my skin will be perfect Smiley Happy but i've been doing some research and sometimes this type of diet change "shocks" the body as it goes through a no-animal detox
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