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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Anyone else use Epiduo?

My derm started me recently on Epiduo.  I have some breakouts as an adult, but I started this cream and now my face is worse than before.  HELP!  Ive read online many say its the bad before its gets better phase, but OMG!


Anyone else use it, and get past the roughness it causes?  My face burns when its applied and breaking out when I didn't have as many at once.

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

I'm reviving this thread bc I am still using epiduo but it is not getting better.  I have a hurting pimple in full force and a healing one at every given time.  


Im on a quest to get a very nice, if not perfect complexion, which I know will never happen.  And it's been weeks and I'm trying to hang in there since everything before I've used hasn't helped me to achieve it.  It says not to use anything else except moisturizer when using epiduo, but I'm tempted to buy some Eradikate and be done with it.  I will go thru phases using Eradikate but my skin will get used to it and I have to take breaks.  


I know I have to go thru the purge, but it's NYE and now I have a zit to go with my spray tan and dress to go out in.  UGGHHHHH.  Just needed to vent.

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

I used epiduo about 4 years ago and it worked great for me.  It did dry my skin out a little but I moisturized a lot to treat it.  I have severe cyst acne.  My dermatologist put me on a prescribed pill (it was not accutane, but i don't remember what it is) along with the epiduo and told me to use both.  The pill had bad side effects, that included hair loss, so I stopped using it and just used the cream.  With age (I'm 24 now) my acne is under control and I only breakout right before my period.


I haven't used it in over a year but I am open to using it again.  Keep in mind that many acne medications don't work for everyone.  My sister tried my epiduo one day on her pimple and it burnt her skin. Benzoyl peroxide maybe to hash for skin, why don't you try using a acne medication containing salicylic acid?


hope it gets better!

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

I looked up Eradikate. I like all the ingredients except that the second one is rubbing alcohol! It gets rave reviews, though. I would be too scared to use it myself.


I use Effaclar Duo as a spot treatment. Internet says it's a nice alternative to Epiduo - OTC and about $30 a tube.

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

I use epiduo also. Push through it. It is supposed to bring everything out of your skin at first. You will be so glad you didn't give up on it. The bad phase definitely sucks, but once you reach the other side, it is all worth the struggle!

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

I use Epiduo! Trust me, it's rough at first but it gets a lot better with time. When I first began using it, my face would burn and turn tomato red. But the more I used it, the clearer my skin got and the less it burned. One thing I had to do was cut down on the amount I was putting on every night, it turns out I was using wayyy too much. I recommend starting off with a tiny bit and spreading it as far as you can, you only need a thin layer.


Epiduo made my skin super flakey and dry, and my dermatologist told me to use the original Cetaphil cream (in the tub) but I found that it was too greasy for me to use under makeup and I didn't like the way it made my skin feel. So I switched to Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and I love it! I apply it about 5 minutes after I apply my Epiduo at night and once again after I was my face in the morning. It's the only moisturizer that actually prevents my skin from peeling and flaking while soothing my skin and hydrating it.


Remember to be consistent when you use Epiduo, as it's a preventative acne medication and it won't work properly if you don't apply it every night. I've gotta stress the less is more with Epiduo, this is so important! And if your skin doesn't get better within a month or two, call your dermatologist and explain what's going on, they'll be able to help you out. I hope this helped! Good luck! Smiley Happy

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

i used this when i had pretty mild acne and the chemicals gave my face a bright red chemical burn, it also happend to my boyfriend at the time who was using it as well as me, i have normal skin so i was really scared.


it made my acne dissapear within two days, but my face was burned. 

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

I've used it, and still do. But more as of a spot treatment. Never had any of your issues. Skin type: very sensitive, combo oil/acne prone.


I was told to use a pea sized amount for the whole face. Dab a little bit in each area of the face, then smooth on. Also use once at night.


Wonder if you're using too much or too often. Are you using right after washing and with what?


Just looked at their website, it comes in a pump now? I only have tubes, wonder if the ingredients changed too.


Since it's burning it could be too harsh or your skin is too dry to handle, also call the derm and see if you should keep using. Acne products have a habit of drying out the skin..when it gets uncomfortable cut back.

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

My derm gave me a coupon for the prescription that says I pay no more than $20 initially and it goes down with each refill.  Its only been 2 weeks, and man, its rough.  Everything I read on the Internet says give it time, but I don't know how I can stand this for so long...For now, Im hanging in.

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

$20?? Wow, maybe I should go back to my derm to see if I can get it for that. I was prescribed it almost four years ago, and when I tried to use the card, the pharmacist couldn't get it to work or something so I got a new card that only saved me a little bit. 

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

I used Epiduo a few years ago, and had to stop using it because it was $260 a tube! My skin did get a little dry, but it worked wonders for my cystic acne. It might be to harsh for you since you said it burns. That never happened to me, but I have really tough skin. Yes, my acne did get worse. I felt the same way you do now. I was really frustrated. but just give it time and you should see results. Don't decide it doesn't work for you right off the bat. It will take 8-12 weeks for it to really start working. The adalapene (sp?) in it clears everything out of your pores and the BP kills bacteria, both of these can be really drying so make sure you're moisturizing. And I mean moisturizing well. Don't just apply a really light gel moisturizer. Find an oil free night cream or something.

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

Most Rx's have a savings card available, to cut down on costs for insured patients. Either the doc has this information or it's printable from the manufacture's website.

Re: Anyone else use Epiduo?

Yes my doc gave me one, but I think it only saved me $25. Better than nothing I guess, but still expensive!

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