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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

Hey lovelies,


Just wanna know if anyone's done a 20% glycolic peel before.  If you've had glycolic peels done professionally do you know what % concentration was used?


I've been using 10% regularly and do a 15% once a week, but really have been wanting to bump it up because i'm soooooo tired of all these old acne scars (and new clogged pores that just keep coming!).


What I'm not sure about at 20% is whether this is a leave-on type thing, or if it should be applied then rinsed off after a certain amount of time.  And if so, how much time does it need to really have an effect?


Would love to hear other people's experience with this!

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

@drrragon- Go to Dr. Gross' website and see if they have the percentage of the products there or I'm sure you could call and ask. Good luck! Also I was going to say maybe try just using them once or twice a week and try to see if that helps also be careful on going to high on the percentage of glycolic treatments unless your skin is used to it because if not used correctly it can burn your skin.

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

ooh i never thought to call and ask! duh!  Yeah I definitely want to be careful and not burn my skin!  I might just try in a small area first to see what happens.  Thanks!

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

hey, thanks all for your feedback about your experiences.


@beautylovingirl, i actually have been using the extra strength A/B pads and I love them!  However they are super $$$$ and I think the large amount of alcohol in them is causing some irritation in my skin as it's gotten more and more red since I started using them a few weeks ago. Smiley Sad  I am sooooo curious what the % concentration of ingredients is, but they don't seem to have published it anywhere!


@dannyc - yikes skin is a bit prone to that too...hmmm something to think about.  thanks!


@arielaaaaaaa- wow 30%!  I think I'd feel comfortable doing 20% at home but for anything higher I definitely would want a professional just in case.....

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

It's a vicious cycle: to bring milia up to the surface you need to exfoliate. Exfoliating is a main cause of milia (and oils & not just mineral oils). Every time I think I get the right balance new ones will pop up on my cheek bones. Since they are slow to develop, it's almost impossible for me to figure out what exactly caused them. 

I think mine are hereditary, so I gave up on the expensive spa treatments (main reason I was going was to treat them) and try to target my other skin concerns. I realize so many people have them, and a good primer & foundation can smooth them out. 

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

I use a 15% glycolic product everyday in a facial wash and a 15% glycolic night cream. If your using a 20% peel the instructions should tell you whether it's a leave on or rinse off and how long you should leave it on. Have you tried Dr. Gross' Alpha/Beta Daily face peel it will make a huge difference in your complexion they have regular and extra strength.

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

I honestly can't remember the strength I was getting. But I used to do 6 series spread out every 4 weeks with a 4 month break in between. We started with something low I want to say it was 10% and worked our way up, I was also using retinol at home 3x a week. By treatment 5 or 6 It was only left on for a few minutes with the fan on full blast blowing on my face. It hurt like a *insert multiple curse words* but I saw great results from scaring. 

The only reason I stopped is because I'm prone to milia and having my skin opened up like that caused more milia to appear post treatment. 

I would never do anything more than 10% at home on my own, but if you go to a med spa I think 20% is fine. 

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

I used to go to a salon and have a 30% glycolic peel done every month. It cleared my acne up and got rid of my acne scars!! It's way too expensive for me to do anymore but i loved doing it! It stinged a lot but was nothing too awful. I had minimal peeling and my skin got used to it! In cosmo school i was slightly trained how to do them. You leave it on for two minutes then apply the neutralizer till the stinging is gone. That was what they did with the brand they used. My skin was at it's best when i was getting them done! If i could afford it i would be doing it again!!

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

Yikes!  That's potent stuff!  I use Murad's Pomegranate Mask twice weekly simply because I've heard a lot of negative side effects and results from peels.  20%, in my opinion (I'm a nurse), is quite strong.  You might want to consider sticking with a lighter glycolic product and then use one with salicylic acid once daily to keep your pores clear.  That's all I've been doing, and I haven't had any more cystic acne issues since early Spring.  That's saying a LOT!  Be careful!

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

I tried salicylic acid for over a year and while it didn't irritate my skin at all, it didn't really do much for acne.  It wasn't until I switched to glycolic that I noticed an improvement.  It's weird because salicylic is generally recommended for acne, but what can you do, skin differs so much from person to person.


I think as far as professional peels go, 20% is pretty mild.

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

I can't remember what level I did, but I know it was a mild one! I did about three and although my skin was peeling for days, it helped my skin sooooo much! I also had the laser done to lift out acne scars! The one I had done, they left on my skin and had me rinse after a certain period of time,

Re: Anyone done a 20% glycolic peel?

Cool!  I've considered some sort of laser thingy but I dunno, I just hate going to doctors in general and especially dermatologists.  If at-home peels don't work though it'd probably be worthwhile to try it.  My sister got her face lasered once and she looked amazing afterwards, all her sunspots lightened!

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