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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Annoyed with Acne!

Hey everyone,

I'm beginning to lose my temper with my persistent acne! I've tried so many different acne treatments including Clearasil, Clean and Clear, Clinique 3-Step and medicated gel containing erythromycin (I can't remember it's specific name).


Nothing seems to be helping. I'm really reluctant to try proactiv or something like accutane since I've heard bad things about both. My acne is usually mild but consistent, but now I'm experiencing quite a flare up and I don't even want to go outside! Any advice you guys have would be great!

Re: Annoyed with Acne!

I might be a rarity here, but I actually have found some great help with Philosophy "Clear Days Ahead" line. Origins also has some pretty good stuff, as well.

Re: Annoyed with Acne!

Go to a dermatologist! Best thing i ever did for my skin

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