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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Adult Acne Skin-Care Regimen

I'm entering my mid-late 20s and still suffer from mild-moderate acne (cystic on my chin, random breakouts elsewhere on occasion). I use some Rx acne products, but would like a recommendation for a basic AM & PM skin-care regimen. Thanks!

Re: Adult Acne Skin-Care Regimen

Someone else on the BT board recommended cutting out the consumption of milk.  While I still have cream in my coffee, I have pretty much cut out all other milk products (I miss ice cream!) and I do notice a difference in the appearance of my face.

Re: Adult Acne Skin-Care Regimen

Thanks guys! I'll definitely check with my derm. I find sometimes they're not that helpful when it comes to specific name-brand products, though. I recently tried using the Murad mattifying moisturizer, and it seems to be great.

Re: Adult Acne Skin-Care Regimen

May I ask about what your skin type is?  Skin type has a lot to do what products you can and cannot use.  Also, do you have any allergies or sensitives to anything in products?

Re: Adult Acne Skin-Care Regimen

I recommend looking into the honey and cinnamon facials. That's the most effective thing that's worked for my face and I'm 23, so I don't have teen acne. Make sure you get all natural honey if you decide to try it, so it would have to come from an all natural produce store. The stuff from normal grocery stores works but is not as effective.

Re: Adult Acne Skin-Care Regimen

Yes, most definitely get your doctor to okay using any other products.  After that, Murad makes a great line.  I suffered from cystic acne from the time I was 20 until this Spring.  All of it changed when I stopped touching/picking my face (magnified mirrors have been tossed) and simplified my skin care (sulfate-free, non-foaming, milk-formulated cleanser/enzymatic mask twice weekly to hydrate and exfoliate/salicylic acid product 1-2 times daily/oil-free moisturizer/powder foundation).

Re: Adult Acne Skin-Care Regimen

Since your already using prescription acne products I would definitely check with your doctor on what skin care is safe to use with what you are currently using. You don't want to mix a lot of different ingredients that will irritate your skin more. Hope this helps!

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