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Acne solution for 17 y/o?

Hi! I'm 17 years old with relatively normal skin that becomes oily do to PMS breakouts, which is also when I get a flare of acne mostly in my T-Zone. I normally don't break out aside from the PMS acne, but I do have several scars from those break outs. Now and then, I'll also feel a zit coming on before it actually appears on my face, so what product do you think I should use 1. for T-zone acne, 2. for ocassional zits, 3. oiliness.


I am currently looking at the Clarisonic Mia2 Sonic Skin Acne Clarifying Solution, and the Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Cleanser, and I'm leaning towards the Clarisonic.


Any opinions would be very helpful! Thanks 🙂


I have been struggling over the same thing for YEARS. I k...

I have been struggling over the same thing for YEARS. I know how frustrating it is. Here's what I learned from years of searching youtube.


For your acne - visit 

-        It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn't order their products, I found cheaper/ more convenient products at target/ Sephora/ online.


-        Products I use:


 Face Wash


  • To get makeup off $6 – Aveeno Foaming face pads (not the completion clearing just original)


  • To wash face in AM – Olay foaming face wash – sensitive or oil skin (the sensitive one I liked in the beginning but it doesn’t get as foamy as the other one)




  • Help with redness $35 – Philosophy Micro delivery Mini Peel Pads (they really help calm my skin once a day)


  • I liked the salicylic acid pads 1- 2% (I didn’t use them every day but they help to kill acne bacteria or I just liked the tingle, made it feel like it was working) – something like oxy cleansing but I usually got the target brand


  • Benzoyl Peroxide Cream/Gel 5-10% - $5? I have used the target up and up brand Now I use the DDF 5% gel (can get it on amazon) $27) – I found a stock at Marshalls for $5 and bought them all.


(if you have used Benzoyl Peroxide is the past and are scared please read over the website – they have a step to step how to, and they stress portion sizes, letting the product dry before makeup and using plenty of lotion!!!)


  • Dr Dennis Gross – Alpha Beta Peel – EXPENSIVE but in the beginning it was worth it – It takes the dead dry skin off helping it heal faster. (The Philosophy “peel” above is a different, it calms deduces redness when these take off dead skin, not sure why they call the philosophy a peel)



  • Light weight moisturizer – $ 9 Cetephil (not the daily one, the original)


  • When you first start using the Benzoyl cream, your face will get a little irritated but it works! I have found using a stronger moisturizer at night works really well -  I love the Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief (but its expensive $37 and goes fast and don’t wear it under makeup, it will slid it everywhere) – The one I use now is Botanics $13 – Face hydrating Day cream again from target, I really like everything from that line.





  • Look up Milk of Magnesia Primer in YouTube – it will sound crazy at first but it works wonders for keeping oily skin under control.


  • That will leave your skin very matt which will make it hard to apply makeup so I used a velvet primer over the top – I have tried/used/like Elf primer, Makeup 4Ever, and Sephora Ultra Smoothing the only thing why I’m not using them is that you don’t get a lot in the bottles .5 oz come on So I switched to Smashbox original just cuz it came in a jumbo (they really are all basically the same)


That’s a lot of information but my acne is GONE after 3 months of using the routine exactly as they say to. Now I use the Benzoyl gel maybe 3 times a week just at night to keep it gone as before it was twice a day every day.


And look on youtube – that’s how I found and the milk of magnesia primer. Before I buy anything now I look it up on youtube to get the pros and cons 

I was hesitant about buying the Clarisonic for acne kit,...

I was hesitant about buying the Clarisonic for acne kit, but it has really changed the texture of my skin. I will say, however, that the kit alone will not help with your acne because it is just a cleanser. I would also get a spot treatment, too. While Philosophy does have an acne treatment, I really like Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel. As for moisturizer, try sampling different oil-free moisturizers, but don't get a moisturizer with ingredients, like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it. The main purpose is to moisturize, not make your skin dry. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: I was hesitant about buying the Clarisonic for acne kit,...

I have tried the Clarisonic for acne and I have to stay I think it made it worse. stresses don't scrub your face.
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