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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne scars

I have really bad acne and very dark acne scars, I have tried to exfoliate to get rid of the discoloration, however I just end up breaking out again. Is there any way to deal with just the scars, because epiduo is working well enough for the acne.

Re: Acne scars

The Dr. Jart V7 vitalaser 2.1 is a product made specifically for acne scars and discolorazation. You should research it to see if it will work in combination with your epiduo gel. Hope this helps!

Re: Acne scars


Take a look at an older thread that I posted in, I give a full run down on active ingredients and commonly used potent factors in products that work for brightening and lightening post acne marks, sun spots, age spots, and discoloration.


After having that ready, check out Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum (a more gentle serum that relies on vitamin C), Clinique's Dark Spot Corrector (relies on salicylic acid), and Murad's Dark Spot Corrector (relies on the more potent hydroquinone).


I highly recommend going over what I posted in the above thread as it breaks down everything from time frames it takes for products to work, how to also maintain your skin while treating it, and what exactly each ingredient does.

Re: Acne scars

I know if you look at my posts I've been on a maracuja oil kick, but I can tell you that it's done wonder on my scars (I have a habit of picking at the pimples when I'm stressed).  They went from a deep burgundy angry tone to a light just slightly darker than nude tone in 3 days with keeping a drop on the scar area as often as it seemed to need it. I highly recommend this if you haven't found something that works yet!

Re: Acne scars

Scrubs won't help with acne scars etc. You need chemical exfoliation with glycolic acid, AHA/BHA, or anything marked cell renewal/regeneration/resurfacing etc. I've used Brighter by Nature peel pads from Origins, which smoothed out my skin without causing acne and I think it did brighten my dark spot.

Re: Acne scars

The best way to get ride of acne, discoloration and acne scars is to go see your a dermatologist.  They can treat all acne-related issues that you have.  They did it for me!  I was recommended a very strong acne cream called Tazorac 1% (it's vitamin A in a tube).  Within 2 weeks, my acne disappeared and my acne scars faded.  Be aware though that it makes your skin very sensitive in the sun, so be sure to use a SPF 25+ moisturizer during the day (DML Lotion is the best for sensitive skin; can be special ordered at walmart), and stay out of the sun, if possible.


Once you have the acne under control, you can go ahead and buy all the sephora products you want (appropriate for your skin, of course).

Re: Acne scars

When you exfoliate, do you use scrubs or chemical exfoliation? I've had cases where I'll try treating acne scars with Vitamin E oil and scrubs and I'll break out from them, so I understand the frustration. Currently, I use REN's AHA Resurfacing Concentrate and it works really well without triggering my acne. You also only use it at night time, so you don't have to worry about sensitivity during the day time when you're trying to apply other products over it. I would suggest getting a sample of this product, but I feel like this product is a tad expensive. However, in the long run, if this product doesn't work out for you, I would suggest getting something with glycolic acid because glycolic acid works really well for scars without the roughness of physical exfoliation. I hope this helps and good luck!

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