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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne scarring is so ugly!

I have acne scarring that is ugly to look at. It's not raised or pitted scars, just red (I have fair skin so it appears red) and brownish. It different lights (natural light, school lights, warm lights) it looks different. Nevertheless I see it everywhere when I look into the mirror. Can anyone please recommend me a product sold at Sephora that you are pretty certain will work. I just need a treatment type product. I really want to get rid of these scars and feel like I can look people in the eye again. Please help. Thanks.


I had the same issue and tried everything over the counte...

I had the same issue and tried everything over the counter.  I finally went to a dermatologist that also does esthetics (fillers, botoxs, etc.)  A normal dermatologist may give you something to treat the acne but will not think about how your skin looks during and after treatment.    Someone with an esthetics background will know what products will work best for you.  They can give you recommendations for a routine that will keep your skin clear (prevent new scars) and help you resolve your existing scars.  There are some relatively quick fixes if your willing to have a laser treatment and have the money.  If your willing to work on it for a year or more, there are product that will gradually turn your skin over and diminish the scars.   I personally am using the Obagi line.  It's taken some time, but my skin looks amazing.     Let the doctor and the estetician know what your budget is and they will try to work with in it. Honestly over the counter products just won't get you there.    While your waiting for the scars to go away, I found that amazing cosmetics concealer works really well.

Give Murad 'Post-Acne Lightening Gel' a try - it works! B...

Give Murad 'Post-Acne Lightening Gel' a try - it works! Best of luck to you 🙂

:smileysad: sorry to hear about your acne scarring. i hav...

Smiley Sad sorry to hear about your acne scarring. i have little red marks on my chin left from acne and have been trying to get rid of them for years!!!! so annoying. you should probly get the clarisonic or clarisonic mia, because this cleans 6 times better than just cleaning would do alone, preventing more breakouts that lead to more acne scarring. to cover the acne scarrs up, i reccemend amazing concealer, you just need a little bit and it covers up everything!! you should also try to draw atenrion from your skin and onto your best features, like wearing bold a bold lipstick or a beatifull eye look. hope this helped!

I have a very similar problem. I have worn concealer/foun...

I have a very similar problem. I have worn concealer/foundation every day for 7 years because of that and have been trying to heal my skin underneath it. What I have found works for me is the Clinique Even Better skin tone correcting line. I have only tried the original serum paired with the moisturizer but have had great results using it for a few months. I feel like I used too much of the product because it ran out so quickly so make sure to pace yourself in the dosage. Because there is now a Clinical version, it is supposed to help with acne scarring or dark spots so it should work perfectly for you and "even better" than the original :). I am actually ordering the Clinique Better, Brighter Skin Set right now so hopefully that will be very helpful. I recommend trying that since the original formula does what is promised (but of course requires patience, nothing happens overnight, Beauty!)

Re: I have a very similar problem. I have worn concealer/foun...

Agree with scene queen. I've been stealing this product from my mom and just using it along my jawline and it's really improving the scarring. Be careful and make sure to wear sunscreen.

I have had the same problem unfortunetly it's hard to get rid of. You can cover it pretty well with Makeup forever's HD foundation and concealor, but I had to finally have some facial resurfacing done at my dermatologists to actually make my skin look better without covering it up. This after spending a fortune trying different products to make it go away. It's the curse of us fair skinned girls.  Some of the skin lightening products might help some, also any kind of vitamin c serum helped a bit. That and prescription tretinoin (retin a or retin a micro).Good luck!

Hey, sorry to hear about your scarring i know how you fee...

Hey, sorry to hear about your scarring

i know how you feel (i had it bad), honestly you should just go

to the dermatologist that's what i did and they gave me this 

product called Retin-A Micro, and i think you can only

get it through a proscription so maybe give that a try.

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but i think it'll

work out the best for you

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