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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne knows no age limit

I first had acne from age 10 to 17. Starting puberty pretty young seemed to trigger it. I mean, first menses at 12 but everything else happened by the time I was 10. Pregnancy at 17 seemed to end the skin woes. Then in the 1980s, my skin and hair became really dry. But after I turned 60, here come the rosacea and full-blown acne again! I still think it's hormonal, because I'm 64 and still having menopausal hot flashes. (Periods ended at age 49) The bright side to this? I don't have any wrinkles, save for a few crow's feet and my skin doesn't sag. I have never used any anti-aging products, but I do drink a LOT of water daily. No coffee ever, except for the stress test I took last year. But what type of makeup/skincare am I supposed to use now? I'm extremely sensitive and allergy-prone, with mostly dry skin, no T-zone oiliness, but I still have large pores and bad acne breakouts. I'm using an acne scrub cleanser and prescribed Clindamycin gel, and the latter really helps with the redness, but in the summer, it melts off my face and drips down to my mouth (ugh!). Suggestions appreciated. 

Re: Acne knows no age limit

Hi Bixsgirl,


I feel that you should try unscented soap for your face because scented soap will really irritate the skin on your face because it is very delicate or you should try a rose oil facial moisturizer because it is really good at clearing acne and it has a lot of other good benefits as well. Also try not to use a lot of products on your face or else your skin can become really irritated.

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