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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne fight-How to win

- Talk to dermatologist about your skin type and If you’re a woman, your birth control! The brand I was using was notorious for causing breakouts - Invest in vitamins for your gut health and feminine health I take AZO and Hum Gut Health. - try to wear the least amount of foundation as possible (I’m a manual labor worker, so very familiar with gunk! Wash it off immediately when you get home). -Buy yourself the biggest cutest waterbottle you can find and DRINK WATER. -PLEASE take control of your mental health! I’m a college student who is always stressed out and I practically have to convince myself to at least take a 15 minute nap in between assignments. I become clear headed. - Stick to CLEAN makeup! Most of all, foundation! - Invest in authentic skincare Kiehl’s ultra facial line works wonders!

Re: Acne fight-How to win


Thank you so much for sharing the helpful tips, your skin also looks amazing!

<3 Melissa

RE: Re: Acne fight-How to win

Thank you!!

Re: Acne fight-How to win

Your skin looks great @Spookzee !!


Im so glad you found something that works for you 😊

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