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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

Hi beauties!

I'm 19, male. I wear base makeup.

I have pretty oily skin on the T-zone and a few dry patches on the rest of my face but I'm oilier than I'm dry.

I breakout frequently and also have some scars due to it mainly on the cheeks and forehead. What bothers me the most is my ridiculous rough skin texture due to the small acne bumps that I have.

Any skincare help and recommendations would be highly appreciated.Thanks in Advance!

Re: Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

if you haven't, start with a dermatologist. They will narrow down products that are more likely to work. 


I've used Clinique, it wasn't great for my skin. Skin improved with philosophy purity made simple cleanser, Origins modern friction exfoliator, origins clear improvements clay mask - where needed, not entire face, a prescription acne treatment, and moisturizer. Also did chemical peels at derm. Otc products can be too drying and not strong enough.


I don't use the exfoliator nor mask regularly though and don't have dry patches. Over exfoliation and multiple drying products will only backfire.


Sounds like the skin is dehydrated, oil is produced more to rebalance. Purity fixed the excess oil for me.



RE: Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

I would definitely recommend the drunk elephant baby facial and the Aztec clay mask (mixed with apple cider vinegar and a drop or two of tea tree oil). Do both once a week. That helped a ton with both my acne, my scarring, and my texture. Make sure you have a really good water based moisturizer (helps with oil) and a good face oil to follow. I like the Sunday Riley UFO face oil but there are definitely cheaper options.

Re: RE: Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

Thank you for your advice. I'll check them out 🙂

Re: Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

Do you have a current routine or any products that you've been using, @amalkay? One thing that would help with texture would be a serum with an AHA, like a lactic acid. The chemical exfoliation from that type of product can really help with evening out minor texture issues in addition to helping with general brightness and acne scarring.  

Re: Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

Hi, I currently use Clinique products to help with my acne. They seem temporarily effective to me but I still keep breaking out. Also they aren't helping me with texture. 

Thank you for your advice.  🙂

Re: Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

Clinique makes some great products, but their toners are VERY drying and can easily irritate acne-prone skin, so you might want to consider dropping the clarifying lotion (I think that's what they call it?) and using a different toner or serum in it's place. 

Re: Acne and rough skin texture skincare help

Yeah, the Clarifying Lotion is too drying for my skin. Also, the moisturizer I use the Anti-acne solutions one is  very drying as well. But, I'll consider replacing them 🙂

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