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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne and Redness

I have a few zits that kind of fade in and out but are never too bad. My biggest issue is redness. My skin always seems to be inflamed which makes it look 100% worse. I just use the St. Ives apricot scrub and the Lush grease lightning with the Murad acne mask from time to time. Does anyone else have this problem/ know of any solutions to minimize redness?

Re: Acne and Redness

A friend of mine was using the St. Ive's and when she went to get a facial, the woman asked her what scrub she was using because her skin looked scratched. I think that's a bad sign!

Re: Acne and Redness

I also have facial redness.  While I can't completely get rid of it, I've found certain products to help reduce and calm it down.  I think my redness is due to rosacea as a dermatologist once casually told me that I have that while I was in his office for something else.  


I had been using Bath and Body Work's deep cleansing soaps to wash my face.  I noticed that when I switched to a cream based facial cleanser a lot of the redness disappeared overnight.  The little white pimples that I used to get immediately after washing my face stopped as well.  The cream based facial cleansers that I use are Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, and Noxema.  I also  have two non-cream based cleansers that I use occasionally when I feel like I need a really good wash.  They are also Clean & Clear and Neutrogena acne face wash.  My face also feels so much softer and isn't awfully dry anymore.  


I've started exfoliating only twice a week.  I used to do it nightly but I think that was a bit much.  I use Laura Mercier's exfoliator.  I also have a Clarasonic but I don't use it because it irritates my face.  


I have recently started using new moisturizers as well.  I've found that many of Origins products work well with my face and its issues.  I find their products very soothing.  The Dr. Weil serum for brightness is especially nice.  I'm also going to try his mushroom serum but it's a bit expensive so I'm waiting on that.  The only product from origins so far that wasn't very good for me was their drink up 10 minute mask which seemed to irritate my face.  I didn't care for the moisturizer that turns brown once applied to my skin because it makes me look orange.  When my redness isn't acting up, my skin is quite fair so I prefer not to look orange.  


I've switches from a liquid foundation to a powder one as I don't have so much to cover up anymore and the powder ones tend to suit my coloring better than liquid ones.  I also found that liquid foundation tends to suffocate my skin which would cause redness.  Although powders don't cover up as well and can show more imperfections, a good moisturizer really makes all of the difference in the world and can make your skin glow even with powder.  


This is how I made my skin feel and look better.  I hope that some of this information helps you out.



Re: Acne and Redness

I completely agree with a lot of the other people, it's all about the ingredients.  After breaking out terribly for more than a year,  I realized 8 months ago that almost ALL of my skin care products including St Ives Apricot Scrub were filled with comedogenic or potential skin irritants.  I started my journey investigating every single ingredient in everything I applied to my face including makeup products.  So anyway, it terms of skin care, I found for me simple and gentle is best.  My current skin care products are Ponds makeup remover wipes, Olay's foaming face wash for sensitive skin, 1-2xs week Michael todd jojoba scrub (which I only started incorporating 4 months into my new routine), follow-up with a thing layer of Neutrogena benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) cream all over my face, then a face moisturizer, currently I'm using Cerave AM face moisturizer.  Also, I alternated nights with benzoyl and would use Origins white tea toner.  Stay away from tools such as clarisonic, it only made things worse for me.  Redness takes weeks to months to go away.  Take pictures to monitor progress, without pics you feel like you skin isn't improving when in fact it may be.  Hope this was helpful.

Re: Acne and Redness

I have the same problem, and I think a big component of it is due to the ingredients in some of the products I used.  When I looked closely at all the ingredients of all the products I use, I was surprised to find out that many of them are comedogenic or potential skin irritants.  For example, I was using Ole Henricksen's Sheer Transformation at night (along with other products), and when I would wake up in the morning my face would be bright red.  Since I've stopped using it, my face has improved.  Sheer Transformation has Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride as the second ingredient, which is a significant skin irritant (actually I found out that Caprylic/Capric Acid is the irritant but I believe both are the same thing, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.)  There are many websites out there that list potential trouble ingredients, but a particularly good one that I've found is Sage Skincare, article is 'Become an Acne Detective'.  It scores ingredients by their potential to be comedogenic or irritating.  It's definitely worth checking out. 

Re: Acne and Redness

Hopefully is not rosacea. But if it is, it's not the end of the world. Just something to be aware of and deal with accordingly.

Re: Acne and Redness

I have red and find a green primer or green moisturizer - yes actually green - helps cover when used under a neutral toned foundation.


Stop the St. Ives scrub, it's a very harsh scrub as it does cause tiny tears in the skin, which is probably the cause of irritation. Murad can also be too harsh for sensitive skin. Try Eucerin (in drugstore) their redness relief line to help calm the skin, and it's very gentle.


Also be aware with some chemical peels you get even redder. I used to get at the dermatologist, and would use Dermatologica sensitized skin products right after and I was super red. Switched to a different one and it was much better.

Re: Acne and Redness

Great suggestion, I have actually heard about that because of the opponent process theory of color in psychology. I am trying to stay away from makeup on my face because my skin is so finicky and concentrating on skincare instead. Great tip with the peels too because I just ordered the Sephora Favorites Skin Cleanse Volume 2 and I think it has at least one peel so I will be wary of that! 

Re: Acne and Redness

Oh, and I used that Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation over the summer... $45 a tub for a day time moisturizer... it didn't out perform my Clinique Dramatically Different gel so back to that I went! The Korres nighttime moisturizer I mentioned is pricey though, but totally worth it - my skin looks more plump, less irritated, and less oily in the morning. It has a very heavy rose scent though - not for everyone. I would go in and get a sample because I had a deluxe sample and the results were sooo immediate I was amazed!

Re: Acne and Redness

I don't find Korres Wild rose too heavily scented. You don't need a lot either to cover the face and see results. I found the deluxe sample a bit different than the actual container..guess it depends Smiley Wink

Re: Acne and Redness

I definitely suggest stopping the St. Ives. Another great drugstore option is Citrus Facial Scrub (in small glass pot) by Burt's Bees. It's actually more of a solid so you mix it with water. I only use it in the shower - but 2-3x a week should be plenty for physical exfoliation. It's nice and creamy with oil in it... but don't let that scare you. It's never broken me out and it's nice to come out of the shower with my skin already feeling slightly moisturized since I like to take HOT showers ha.


Is the Murad acne mask a sulfur based one? I like the proactiv sulfur one, and I believe its much cheaper.


But yes be more gentle with your skin, sometimes I don't even cleanse in the morning and go straight to toner if my skin is feeling tight and/or red. However, it hasn't lately, because now I use a creamy cleanser (Origins Checks and Balances) half the time and a salicylic acid cleanser only every so often. I use a heavier nighttime moisturizer (Korres Wild Rose & Vit C sleeping facial) and my skin looks so much less irritated. I do use a clarisonic as well, mostly at night if I wore a lot of make up that day as a second cleanse. I haven't had any issues with the clarisonic irritating me and I personally use the deep pore cleansing head but the normal is quite nice too (just actually switch them out every 3 months or they start to get rough).


Nicrohr's suggesitons regarding the mega mushroom line sound really good, I may check out that line too!

Re: Acne and Redness

I'm pretty sure the Murad is sulfur based. Also I actually used Checks and Balances a year or so ago and went through about 3 tubes until I switched because it was over drying my skin but I do love the way it foams!

Re: Acne and Redness

I would also suggest something less harsh than the St. Ives apricot scrub. Maybe try a product that exfoliates with chemicals?  I know many people love the Dr. Dennis Gross pads. Because they work great for so many, I would suggest giving them a try. Personally though, I don't like them. I have gone back to doing salicylic acid peels every two weeks, which works for me.


What kind of moisturizer are you using? I didn't use moisturizer for a long time because I couldn't find one that wouldn't break me out. But now that I have one that I like and I've been using it daily for months, my face is a lot more calm and less red. I use Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation.

Re: Acne and Redness

Great suggestion! I am actually finishing up a bottle of the Aveeno ultra calming moisturizer which I love! Its not expensive and it never burns, which many do for me, and feels soothing and light on my skin.

Re: Acne and Redness

I agree with her suggestions Smiley Happy.

Re: Acne and Redness

I just did a quick google search for "redness on face" and a very helpful article from webmd popped up.  What I was describing was a contact reaction. But, you may want to check this out because it could be something else causing the redness.

Re: Acne and Redness

I would say you could try a more gentle cleanser or less "gritty" exfoliation if the redness is inflammation.  Try acid type exfoliation instead of grit, like DDG face pad peels.   Or Philosophy Microdelivery (in the pink tube) Enzyme Mask.


For redness (which I also battle): Dr. Weil from Origins - MEGA MUSHROOM line.  It's awesome.  There is a face wash from the line as well, it's more for oily skin than mine I think, but it should be gentle enough for you.


If you want to try just one product definitely make it the INTENSIVE MASK from this mega mushroom line.


I use it as a night time moisturizer/sleeping mask.  It's only medium moist, it's thick cream but not GREASY at all (soaks in nice).  This really calms my face, reduces inflammation, and redness.


If your "redness" is broken capillaries (look close, does it look like a network of tiny broken blood vessels?), you might want to ask a derm about IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy - this 'heals' the broken caps.  This really helped me reduce my redness about 75-95%.


If your redness is irritation than try some gentler things.  If it's hyperpigmentation from acne scarring, try skin-lightening preparations (I like Shiseido brightening White Lucent line).


If none of that works, I found the whole Aveda Enbrightenment line soothing, gently exfoliating, and helped reduce my redness.  That's what I used before Dr. Weil for years.  But Dr. Weil is designed just for inflammation! 


Finally - my clarisonic actually helps sooth my skin and make it more even.


If you are up to try that investment, use a clarisonic with a sensitive head INSTEAD of other exfoliators, with a gentle face wash with no grit.  This leaves me skin feeling smooth and soft - reduces look of pores -- and helps actually reduce redness.  It's much more gentle than I thought it would be before I tried it.


Good luck! PM me if you want to talk more!



Re: Acne and Redness

I have liked Origins product in the past so I will definitely check the Mega Mushroom line out. I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and go for the Clarisonic I think. The last of the money from my summer job will be gone but I think it might be a sacrifice I will have to make!

Re: Acne and Redness

Would you say your redness is like hyperpigmentation? If so, I have the same problem. Where when I wake up my skin looks normal but if I wash my face or throughout the day gets red. The thing that has helped decrease my redness a lot is exfoliation. I use a toner with glycolic acid 2x a day and it has helped so much. I read skincare blogs and they always recommend an exfoliant, also a scrub works. I suggest something less harsh than St.Ives scrub.

Re: Acne and Redness

Same thing happens to me! Which toner do you use? 

Re: Acne and Redness

I tend to get redness on my face as well and my dermatologist recommended switching my products to a basic cleanser and basic moisturizer until the redness subsided and then to slowly add products back into the regimen.  She recommended cerave and cetaphil and I have since then also tried dermalogica and have liked all three brands.


Also, I know that the apricot scrub is one of the more harsh scrubs. Maybe it is causing some of the redness.

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