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Acne and Make Up for Teenage Beginners

Hello Sephora ,


 I'm 17 and I have an acne problem , I've recently purchased ProActiv For the first time a couple weeks ago and it has already stopped working for my skin . I'm darkskin and I have slightly oily skin . I wanted to know what would be your best recommendation for another acne system. 

 I also would like to cover up my acne marks and get into make-up , however no one in my family can help me when it comes to how to start and correctly apply make up , or even what brand would have my skin tone or would be best for my skin. Do you guys have any recommendations on make - up kits for beginners ( dark-skin tone ) .


Thanks So Much !

Re: Acne and Make Up for Teenage Beginners

Hi Hun,


I did just about every acne system under the sun and the only one that really worked for me was Proactiv until it stopped working after about 3 years. I would stay away from those 3-4 step type acne systems because once you've done one you've pretty much done them all. They all use similar ingredients. I am going to advise you to see a dermatologist because experimenting might just be a waste of time and money, which I'm sure you want to avoid being a teen. But until then, try the Peter Thomas Roth Foaming Cucumber Cleanser. I've been raving about the stuff lol. It works as a 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover, and also it's really gentle helps to brighten your skin. It seemed to help clear me up more as well.


As far as makeup goes, maybe go into Sephora and have them color match you and show you a product with good coverage to cover up the marks. But to be honest I'm a caramel complected and I find that I'm better off matching myself in most cases because everyone isn't skilled in matching darker tones. Find out if you are a red undertone or a yellow and go from there. Look on YouTube for makeup tutorials. Stay away from any makeup that's high in oil or fragranced. Good luck!

Re: Acne and Make Up for Teenage Beginners

Is seeing a dermatologist an option for you?  I started seeing one in my late teens and it worked wonders for me. I had similar experiences with Proactiv and over the counter products in general.  They were all harsh and dried my skin out, but didn't actually help my acne.  I think once acne becomes moderate it can become easy to think you can deal with it all on your own, but my acne is moderate now only because of my derm and the products definitely help.


One thing great about Sephora is you can do a one on one mini makeover of sorts for 15 minutes for free, or if you're planning to spend $50 or more you can make an appointment and have an hour with a makeup artist.  It's probably worth booking one and noting in the comments that what you'd like to work on is makeup to even out your complexion and cover acne marks.  They can help you with application techniques, products, and tools.  I've found getting a foundation that accurately matches your face is key and makes application easier as does having a concealer that both matches and is the right consistency for covering blemishes.  I've tried a lot of concealers for covering acne over the years and Secret Camouflage from Laura Mercier is my absolute favorite.  It doesn't exacerbate my acne. I love that it has 2 colors I can blend together to perfectly match my skin tone and the consistency is perfect for hiding acne.

Re: Acne and Make Up for Teenage Beginners

Hello Krystal111,


 My skin is a combinations  , when I said stopped working I meant it no longer helped my acne . I have been using Proactiv for about 7 weeks . My skin is sensitive and I've never had a clear face in all of my teenage years ( not that it's been that long ) . My problem areas are my cheeks and jawline . I've always had acne it used to be really bad but its moderate now ( on a scale it's about a 5 now) the acne scars on a scale is about a 7.

Re: Acne and Make Up for Teenage Beginners

Hi JhaKhaila and welcome!


So exactly what do you mean by it has stopped working? It is not helping clear your skin? It is causing more breakouts? I know you said you've been using it for a couple of weeks but exactly how long have you been using?


Now, the most important thing you can do for your skin is develop a good skin care routine, this is key. In order to find the best products for you, you would really need to determine your skin type. You said you have "slightly" oily skin but would you classify it as oily or more combination - oily in the t-zone and dry/normal in other areas? Is your skin sensitive? What kind of acne are you dealing with? Let's see if we can answer these before really going any further with regards to skincare and make suggestions. I know once we have this information tons of suggestions will start pouring in.


One thing you can do is go in to Sephora and have them do a Color IQ, that's going to be the best way to find your shade, you're not really going to be able to get that info on here. They also have a Skin IQ that gives you skin care recommendations if you want to try that.

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