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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne all the time. Need suggestions, tips.. helpp

I will typically break out a couple weeks before my period, but other than that I feel I always haveacne. Its around my cheek area, and now becoming more consistent on my forehead. My face is normal to oily, but more just in the T-zone. I always wash my face morning and at night, also always remove my make-up at night. I have been using Murads blue line for Acne, their 3-step system (cleanser, toner, repairing lotion) and I have seen a difference in my skin; its softer, brighter, looks healthier, but I still have the problem of the never disappearing acne. The skin around my face is clear but I still have the constant acne around my smile lines, and the sides of my chin.


I used to use Obagi's Clenziderm 3-step system, but that was a little too pricey, and I didn't like how the third step made my skin feeling this weird sticky feeling(instead of how a lotion goes on smooth). I then started using all Neutrogena products, but was told the products are the worst for your skin because they dry it out, but I did find their pomegrante cleanser worked well with my skin. I now jump back and forth between Aveeno's skin brightening cleanser, and St. Ives green tea cleanser (which I think works well for my skin), and their green tea face scrub (which I like but I think is too harsh for daily use). I have been using these products because I ran out of the original Murad cleanser, and I like the St. Ives greenr tea cleanser, but I continue to use Murad's pore toner, and repairing lotion.


I need something to moisturize my skin, but also tone the pores, and get rid of the acne for good, reducing redness and repairing acne scars. Is there anything out there thats affordable and has a three step system that can repaire my skin, while toning and moisturizing it? Please help!IMAG2760.jpgIMAG2757.jpg



Re: Acne all the time. Need suggestions, tips.. helpp

Hi! First I must say that you should probably pay a visit to the dermatologist and see what they can recommend for you. Drink lots of water. At least 8-10 cups or more a day. Also maybe incorporating a mask 2x's a weeks will help with your blemishes. I currently used Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask and it works well for me. I heard Peter Thomas Roth's Therapeutic Sulfur Masque works well but I was afraid to try it because my skin is quite sensitive. I like Boscia because it's a natural brand that doesn't use any harsh chemicals. As for a good moisturizer you should check out Boscia's Clear Complexion Moisturizer. I really like it because it's light, and you don't need to use a lot (just a pea size) and your face feels mositurized. Before I used to use Neutrogen'as Oil Free Moisture and I just didn't like the way it made my skin feel (I'm pretty oily).


I see that some people in this discussion have brought up the Clarisonic. Everyone's skin is different, but I made the mistake of using it twice a day and it wreaked havoc on my skin. I had mild acne, and now I'm suffering from the worst breakout of my life because I over exfoliated too much with the Clarisonic. If you have acne, I wouldn't recommend using it because it could make it more irritated and make you break out even more. If you do invest in one, don't make the mistake of using it twice a day everyday like I did! Maybe start with once or twice a week. 


Do you wear any makeup? The makeup you use could also be contributing to your breakouts. 


Hope this helps!

Re: Acne all the time. Need suggestions, tips.. helpp

I also recommend visiting a dermatologist.  Since it seems as though most OTC products aren't working for you, you need something a little bit stronger with more acne-fighting power, such as retin-a.  I agree with another user that retin-a is a "dream cream", so maybe it's worth a consultation with your derm to see if you can get it.


Again, I agree that the process of retin-a is a little time-consuming and tedious, therefore you must be patient until your skin gets used to the medication. This means a purging process, dry irritated skin, etc.  But my skin is just now getting used to the medication and is revealing some of the most flawless skin I've seen in years! 


Also, I'm not sure if you've heard of or tried the Clarisonic, but it's a hand-held device with a rotating, vibrating head that is designed to help exfoliate the skin.  This might be an alternative to your current type of exfolation, as I strongly discourage using St. Ives scrubs for exfoliating acne-prone skin (way too abrasive, and can sometimes make acne worse by tearing open your current blemishes). If this sounds appealing, I suggest getting the normal or sensitive brush head as the others might be too intense for acne-prone skin.  Anyway, this device has been a life savor (I used to use St. Ives too) and I won't ever go back!


Anyway, I hope this helps and best of luck....hang in there!

Re: Acne all the time. Need suggestions, tips.. helpp

Please know that I have been where you are.  I tried sooo many over the counter products that only helped a little but my breakouts still were prominent.  If you were to go to a dermatologist they would probably prescribe you Retin-A.

 I am a current user of it and it is a miracle cream.  You just have to be patient because it will start to make you break out by drawing all of the impurities out of your skin but then you will see a noticeable improvement.  It also helps with pigmentation and scarring of past breakouts.

And when you are on it-WEAR A SUNSCREEN! It exfoliates the face so your skin is more suseptible to UV ray damage.

Re: Acne all the time. Need suggestions, tips.. helpp

Acne is such a distressing skin problem, and it's not something you grow out of! My first suggestion is to go to a reputable dermatologist in your area (check online for reviews) and have them tweak your routine. I'm using Obagi's Gentle cleanser and toner, and Revisionist day cream w/SPF 50 and night cream with peptides, with great success (I didn't get a breakout this period!).


My other suggestion is regarding good hygiene habits: It's good that you're cleansing your face and removing your makeup. I would also suggest cleaning your phone with alcohol, using less product in your hair (sometimes, product can clog your pores), and not touching your face with your hands (I had the habit of sleeping on my side with my hands under my chin, and kept breaking out there, until I changed the position of my hands- no more zits! Who knew?). And change your pillow case more often.


In the meantime, if you're a DIYer, here's what I used to do to calm down my blemishes: after cleansing my face, I would spread natural organic Greek yoghurt on my face, leave it on until it dried, wash it off, then spread a thin layer of honey on my face, leave it on for as long as I could, wash it off, tone with organic apple cider vinegar, and then put on a little moisturizer. The yoghurt has lactic acid, the honey is antibacterial, and the vinegar has malic acid and restores acidity to your skin. It would stop the itching, dry out my blemishes, and I could use the masks every day, all the way up to my eyes and over my mouth, even.


Also, improve your nutrition. I started making my own vegetable/fruit juice, and after 3 months, my skin was glowing. Also, drink a lot of water. Good skin doesn't happen overnight, but, with steady work and a positive attitude, the blemishes can be controlled.

Re: Acne all the time. Need suggestions, tips.. helpp

Hi doll! I am going through the same thing! But what I like to do is use my clerasonic (which makes SUCH a difference)! My clerasonic does not get rid of my acne, but it flattens my pimples which is great! The cleanser I use is dermatologist prescribed. I also use a dermatologist prescribed medication called Epiduo which works wonders. Visit your dermatologist and get these!!! They will improve your face and get rid of the redness!


<3 Smiley Happy

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