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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne all over. Please help!

I have had acne for a few years. I have worn makeup since the sixth grade and I am now in the seventh. My makeup really helps, but of course, it can't cover up all those bumps on my face. I get teased a lot and I need to find a solution! Somebody, please help me!

Hello,    I know where you are coming from. Even being a...



I know where you are coming from. Even being a guy I used to wear makeup at your age to try and hide the acne so I wouldn't get teased. One thing I have learned over the years in controlling my break outs is how I cleanse my skin to take off the makeup. I found that using an oil to remove the makeup was one of the best things I could have ever done. It absolutely removes more makeup than any other foaming cleanser. Simply because oil breaks down oil. Kind of like when you paint your nails and when you add more polish you can remove it. Same kind of thing. I would suggest you try Boscia, Make Up Break Up Oil. I buy the small travel size and use very little on dry skin and massage all over my face and eyes and then rinse with warm water and your skin is clean and soft without that tight feeling of a strong acne wash. Hope this helps. 


I wanted to add one more thing. Liquid makeup is not bad for your skin as long as you are using the correct fomula. You can use an oil free formula like Make Up For Ever HD. It will give you more confidence in covering the existing acne and will not give added texture as if you were to use a mineral powder foundation. Beware of too much shimmer it increases the look of raised bumps. 



Hi...I know how u feel...The one thing I ca tell u is, ma...

Hi...I know how u feel...The one thing I ca tell u is, make up is bad for you...especially if u are using liquid make up... it just cloggs ur pores and even tho it  helps it conceal ur acne, believe me it is just making it worse...I know at that age it is importat that people don't see as much , so try using bare minerals...not as damaging !!!!

Few tips...


a) make sure u use a good cleanser (morning and  night)

b) moisturize

c) exfoliate three times a week


Since u are still very young,hormons are running wild,its a good idea to see a dermatologist...He ca tell you what skintype u are and how to manage acne better...


I have used a lot of things and found that the Murad acne regimen worked best... However, acne is not just skindeep !!! U have to make sure that u are eating the right things, healthy foods, so stick to fruits and veggies and lean meats...stay Away from grease...ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure u drink a lot of water...


Stress !!!!  This is a big one... learn to manage it...the more stress u have in ur life, the more acne on ur face !! So deep breaths, and zumba works for me !!!  


In sticky situations,when I had nothing on me, and felt a zit coming up, I have learned that toothpaste works wonders...A little dab on the spot and I would leave it overnight...Its safe no worries... applecider  works too,dab it on the problem spots  as well as mushed watermelon...use it as a mask ,put it on ur face and leave for  10 or 15 minutes....


  As number one I would consult a dermatologist, who better right?!  And make sure that when inside or even out u wear NO make up as much as u is not good for ur skin no matter what anyone tells u... I am 30 yrs old now, and wish I had listened to my mom, when I started using make up in the 7 th grade to hide my acne...  Good Luck !!

Clinique has a system available on Sephora called Acne So...

Clinique has a system available on Sephora called Acne Solutions Kit, which has 4 products that work together.  If you decide to pick up items separately just be sure that you aren't duplicating ingredients  because that can irritate your skin.  Additionally, I would recommend that anyone with acne stay away from apricot shell scrubs, which can make tears in your skin and will compound the problem. 

Okay so I'm going to disagree with what some one else sai...

Okay so I'm going to disagree with what some one else said. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use an apricot scented or formulated anything on your skin. Apricot irritates the skin even more. Basically if you want to get rid of your acne exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, then spot treat. The reason I say exfoliate before you cleanse is because if you exfoliate, the ingredients may stay on your skin even after you've washed the product off. The continuous exfoliation will dry out or irritate your skin and might make it worse. Every product you use should be oil and fragrance free. I'd steer clear of neutrogena because they tend to have fragrances in their products which could make your acne worse. Opt for more "natural" solutions like brands that have less chemicals and better ingredients. Try Origins, boscia, etc or if you're on a low budget try burts bees, aveeno, or any other product you can find that won't be too harsh on your skin. I've had acne and still do from time to time so I've learned my fair share of tips and tricks the hard way. I hope this helps.

First you need to start with a good cleanser, like the ot...

First you need to start with a good cleanser, like the other user mentioned, neutrogena works great, while I don't know your skin type, mine is combination/ oily and their products work AMAZINGLY for me for just daily/ nightly cleanser, also biore deep cleansing scrub works really well to help give that really great just out of the spa feeling and makes the skin also feeling softer and moisturizer without feeling greasy afterwards. I find clearisil (however you spell that) cleansing pads, I think it's what they're called, work very well for intense cleaning although they do tend to dry the skin out depending on how often you use them which is pretty much the only downside, but it clears the breakouts easily, if I use those cleansing pads I use an estee lauder moisturizer which DOES NOT make me break out (if you go to one of their locations consult one of the employees and they will help you find the right moisturizer for your skin) which is very hard for me to find. Also, for those embarrassing very noticeable blemishes that have got to go I use clique:    Now you need to find the right foundation, I know when you beak out it feels like you need to glob on the products to conceal it, but if you're concealing try this, I also use this:    It's healing and treating that blemish while concealing it! how great is that!? Also depending on your skin type again, you need to find a good foundation be sure to consult with a Sephora employee they will definitly help with that. HOPE I HELPED!

omg i know just how you feel, its horrible having acne al...

omg i know just how you feel, its horrible having acne all over! Lets start with skincare, cleanse, tone, mouisterize, treat. nuetrogena has great cleansers, i like the oil free ance face wash because it has salycilic acid. for a toner, try the clean and xlear deep cleaning anistingent (the coraly pink one). Try an biore oil free daily mouisterizer with spf 15. finally use maximium strength benzyol peroxide 10% gel on acne and acne prone areas. stick to this and clear smooth skin can be yours in just weeks. also switch out your cleanser with a st ives apricot scrub 4 times a week. Now for makeup, lets start fresh, no harmful drugstore products on your face only high quality products. start with philosiphys clear makeup for a primer and a nice base, this will help smooth out your skin and make your makeup last longer and go on better. try a medium coverage foundation, and dont try to cover acne with it this is just to get an even skintone. try nars sheer matte foundation, it is expensive but your skin is so worth it.  next conceal your blemishes using laura mercier secret camoflauge, it has to shades for the winter, when paler, and the summer, when darker, mix then for spring and fall. this can also cover under eye circles but if you can swing it get the benefit erase paste to which will make you look instantly fresh, awake, and vibrant. set all of this with makeup forever hd powder for sheer coverage or mac mineralize skinfinsh natural for more coverage. blush will make you look healthy instantly, go for a tarte amazonian clay blush in a color that suits your skintone. if you would like check out the balm bahama mama bronzer which will give you a beach worthy tan glow. tip, get shad ematched at sephora to get your perfect shade of foundation and make sure if you bronze your face it matches your neck. try a buxom lip gloss to make your lips appear fuller. for eyes, make these the main attraction. first make sure your brows are groomed and neat with benefits speed brow. then prime your lids with two faced shadow insuranse, basically because it lasts longer than urban decay, but you need a primer no matter which one of the 2 you get. then try stilas it girl palette for a grreat nuetral eye and let the lady at sephora teach you how to apply it. then line your upper lashine with urban decay glide on pencil in zero. try a mac nude eyeliner for your waterline. finally, add mascara i like covergirl lash blast volume its amazing and inexpensive. hope i helped!

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