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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne Scarring..

Can anyone help me find a product or a routine that will actually help face and even out my acne SCARS? (not just red marks, they are actual textured scars left behind from repeated acne) =/

Re: Acne Scarring..

Yeah, you need peels and exfoliation. Peels speeds up skin renewal and exfoliation help take off the dead skin. I've got a hole on my cheek due to acne so I know how you feel. I do cleanser, toner, moisturizer every day. I exfoliate and do peels twice a week, over exfoliation/peel will make your skin raw and rough. It's a slow process because you are basically waiting for new layer of skin to surface again and again until the layer without the scar is coming up. The peels doesn't have to hurt in order to work but it will dry your skin out and make it sensitive to the sun, occasionally flaky, so make sure to moisturize extra well or use a heavier moisturizer after a peel, and be sure to use a full coverage SPF (30 preferably) during the day.


I recommend Origin Brighter by Nature fruit acid peel or Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel. They exfoliate as well as peels. While they might sting a bit, they are effective and don't hurt as much as Exfolikate and some of the paste form peels. You may see noticeable result the next day, or if you already have a nice skincare regimen, you may see the difference after a couple of weeks.

Re: Acne Scarring..

Thanks to both of you for your replies! Have you tried both the Dr. Gross peel & the Origin peel? They both look like they have very good reviews, so I'm just wondering which i should try first. Would you say they are better than The Brazillian Peel?

Re: Acne Scarring..

Yes. I recommend products I've tried unless stated otherwise. I got mostly samples of those so I can't speak for long term effect. I've tried: Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength, Origin Brighter by Nature, Brazilian Peel, ExfoliKate normal, L'occitane Apple Almond Peel, Jurlique fruit peel.


I feel like the paste form (ExfoliKate, Jurlique and L'occitane) are tougher on your skin and I worry I'm going to damage it because they sting, and since it's paste you can't do even distribution and sometimes apply too much or too little and leave on for too long or something. After application, my face feels raw, rough, red, basically like I poured acid on my face, which is basically what I did. Brazilian Peel sounds scary, it felt warm on my face but I don't think it did anything. And they are messy.


I prefer Dr. Gross or Origin because they are in pads form so I basically use those instead of toners. Dr. Gross caused no reaction but it's 2-step (if you are lazy) while Origin stings a bit initially then goes away and it's 1 pad. They have the chemical for peels and exfoliate physically cuz of the pads, so it's like 2 in one. I think Origin (use twice a week) is a tad stronger than Dr. Gross and the effect is a bit more obvious (smooth right after, flaky peeling skin next day, then smooth after that).


I have combo skin and normal sensitivity. I prefer pad form than the paste (Brazilian Peel) and the one that have the most effect on me is Origins.

Re: Acne Scarring..

RE: beautytester


I am so glad you mentioned the Origins Brighter by Nature pads in your response to the original post.  I too have acne scars and am currently using the Origins Mega Bright Correcting Serum and was thinking about adding the pads to my routine. BTW, this for tsr178, in case you were wondering how effective the Mega Bright serum is, I have been using it for three weeks and so far it seems ok. They say it takes 4 weeks to notice results and up to 12 weeks to see the full benefits, so I am going to wait for the 12 weeks before I do my review. So far I am noticing a slight  reduction in some of the dark spots on my face, but no (noticeable) reduction in redness/acne scars, it may take some more time though.  In the past I have also tried the Dr. Dennis Gross pads (both the regular and extra strength). Postives are that neither one was irrittating to my sensitive face, but I didnt notice enough results to continue use but, to be honest, I didnt try them for that long. In each instance, I purchased the smaller packs (i think they come with 5 or 10 pads? something like that) so maybe I needed to use it longer. Hope this helps. Good luck and let me know if you find the "miracle" product for acne scars! :-)

Re: Acne Scarring..

Thanks!! I am going to try the Dr. Dennis Gross pads first and see how they do, but now I am thinking maybe the Origins Brighter by Nature pads would've been a better first choice. I will see how they do, and if the Dr. Dennis Gross pads do help (going to try to do it for 4 weeks to see), I will definitely let you know! I just want these scars to go AWAY!!  Smiley Happy

Re: Acne Scarring..

Hey, I know this was from a while ago, but did you do it for four weeks and did it help?

Re: Acne Scarring..

plzz do i love that peel or treatment, it has been helping me a lot

Re: Acne Scarring..

your best bet is getting some kind of peel. you can get products or get it done by a proffesional and make sure to exfoliate a lot. try to build up your skin to exfoliating every other day or if you can(its okay if you can't because most people cannot) everyday. it should help a lot.

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