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Acne Help!

So I've been trying to treat acne for a while. Knowing me it's probably stress related. But through my acne treatments I've dried out my skin, and yet I still have blemishes. What products do you reccomend?

Re: Acne Help!

I like Murad's acne complex kit. Some people find it drying, but I was the opposite. Most other products I have found drying, but I find the Murad to be moisturizing and skin clearing for me. 

Re: Acne Help!

First, you state you are more than likely that your blemishes are stemming from stress, are you sure that it's actual acne or just breakouts? There is a difference, if you are experiencing anywhere from 1-10 blemishes a month, you're just cycling through break out periods, not acne. Acne will be a continuous occurrance of blemishes either in singles or in clusters and can range anywhere from 12-15+ a month.


If you're using or have changed your skin care regimen to tackle acne when you indeed suffer only from sparse blemishes here and there you are overtreating your skin, thus causing it to dry out.


Aside from identifying whether it's genuine acne or minor break outs you're having, the next step is to understand the active and treatment based ingredients in products so you can understand what you're utilizing to treat the issue.


Salicylic acid, is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that helps to chemically break down dead skin at the surface layers of skin and work below the surface to help promote new and healthier cellular regeneration, minimizing the chances for those problem areas to stay a nusance. In addition to chemically exfoliating and treating skin, it's also great to rid skin and pores of trapped bacteria, oil, and dirt. This keeps pores cleaner and and works to prevent clogging. These factors make SA one of the most well-rounded ingredients used to treat acne as it serves on so many levels.


Benzoyl peroxide introduces oxygen into trapped pores, it's usually available over the counter in 2.5% to 10%, as it can be quite potent in how it operates, excessive use can dry out skin as it pulls out so much from pores and can leave skin vulnerable. BP is generally best for red, swollen, or raised blemishes that may be tender to the touch.


Sulphur is a newer ingredient used in the acne world as it targets whiteheads and pustular blemishes since it dries out those issues to at least remove the sebum portion that is most noticeable. Of course, just like with all acne/treatment based ingredients, too much can dry skin out, use it once a day and see how your skin reacts, you can even bump it up to 3x a day use if your skin can tolerate that amount.


Other ingredients commonly found in acne based products or that help combination/oily skin is witch hazel, a natural astringent that helps purify and keep pores clean, tea tree oil, a natural extract that soothes and calms, and willow herb, a natural form of salicylic acid that is super gentle.


Though it's common to have some of these ingredients mixed in certain products, you want to avoid over using them together. In other words, if you end up mixing a BP treatment with a SA treatment, what you're doing is opening your pores to flush bacteria out, but also removing dead cells at the surface, a process which can lead to over drying your skin. In terms of treatment based products (spot creams, gels, or serums), try to pick one constant ingredient and stick to that. Less is more, and it's easier to start slow and see how reactive your skin is rather than dive off the deep end and wind up with more issues than you started with.


If your skin is relative normal or combination and it's just a minor few breakouts you have, rather than opt for a whole acne based regimen, try to first only incorporate a treatment product.


Like I mentioned above, salicylic acid is the most all-encompassing ingredient, and it can be found in products like Murad's Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel, Boscia's Willow Bark Breakout Treatment uses the natural form of SA (willow bark) to treat blemishes, brands even like Clean & Clear to Neutrogena make products with SA.


For specifically treating whiteheads, Murad's Acne Spot Treatment is great, Bare Minerals' Blemish Therapy Powder is also rich in sulphur to dry out sebum filled or pustular blemishes.


Neutrogena's On the Spot Treatment is a lower dosage BP product that works well on red, swollen, or senstive blemishes if you want to go the BP route.


Let us know what you're currently using on your skin so we can see if any other products or tweeks can be made to your routine to better assist with clearing up your skin!

Re: Acne Help!

A few suggestions for you to look at are:

1. Philosophy's clear days ahead 30 day acne kit includes moiturizer and acne treatment in one.

2.Dr. Gross' hydra-pure line

3. Dr. Brandt's no more blemishes line.


You can research these to see which one suits you best.Hope this helps!

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