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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Acne/Blemish Cream

Hi All:


I am wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a face cream that would be used to prevent acne/belmishes.  I currently use a benzoyl peroxide cream from Clean & Clear, and it works OK, but I am wondering i there is something better on the market.  I use the bezoyl peroxide at night after washing my face.  I let that sink in for a few minutes, then apply moisturizer ater that.  If I skip the benzoyl peroxide for a day or two, I break out.  But even using the cream every night I get a few blemishes regularly, which is why i'm wondering if there is something better that would help prevent them even more. 


Any suggestions woul  be greatly appreciated!

Re: Acne/Blemish Cream

Benzoyl is great if your blemish has begun to open or has a head on it.  Otherwiseit you need a product with salicylic acid in it for once daily use to keep your pores unclogged so they won't get inflamed/enlarged/infected at all.  Then, use the benzoyl as a spot treatment.  Other than that, stay away from physical exfoliations with scrubs or a Clarisonic so your face can calm down.  After a week or so, you'll start to see it clear.

Re: Acne/Blemish Cream

I would suggest the Murad Acne Complex kit or the Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit if you use a kit as a whole you might get better results. Hope this helps!Smiley Happy

Re: Acne/Blemish Cream

What type of blemishes are you getting? Are they whiteheads or pustular pimples? Red, swollen, raised blemishes? Blackheads/clogged pores? 

Re: Acne/Blemish Cream

I used to use the clean & clear benzoyl peroxide but it was too harsh.  It made my skin too dry (the percentage of benzoyl is high in their product).  I switched to proactive (which uses 2.5% vs 10% benzoyl peroxide) and use that about 5 times a week (at nights only) and i have seen a big improvement in my skin (so has my husband).  Also, I use different products in the morning and wear makeup 80% of the time... if I notice I get a new breakout from the morning I remember what I used for moisturizer, primer and foundation and try to see which may be contributing to the breakout. hope this helps you

Re: Acne/Blemish Cream

I usually have 3-5 every week, so about 12- 20.  I pretty mush always have a few on my face at one time.  Its not horrible, but if I could find something that would help, it would be great.  I've been using this cream since I was 12 ( I am 24) now and so far its the only thing that I have found that helps, but I have only tried products from the drugstore for this.


Over the last 6 months i've tried amping up my daily skincare routine by washing my face twice a day (in the morning and at night), using toner and moisturizer and continuing to use the benozoyl peroxide cream at night.  I hoped that this would help, but it really hasn't made a difference, aside fom keeping my dryness/oiliness in check.


Re: Acne/Blemish Cream

How many blemishes do you get during the span of a month on average? The reason why I ask is if it's not actually acne that you're suffering from, using too many acne based products as opposed to just a sot treatment may actually overwork your skin and throw it in an imbalance where you end up bringing more break outs on.

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