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My 13 year-old daughter has terrible acne, on her forehead, and blackheads on her nose. She's tried ProActiv, store-brand acne treatments and a prescription, and all only worked for a while. What is the best product(s) for treatment? We're both at our wits end trying to find something that works. Thanks, Allyson

Dear Allyson,     There is a routine that I follow and sw...

Dear Allyson,


  There is a routine that I follow and swear it works. It makes sense, and is simple and effective, I'm of similar age and find it works even with stress, constant sports( sweating) and hormones. I just wash my face with a simple cleanser( oil-free and hypoallergenic)  that doesn't have a acne fighting ingredients( I find it only irritates the skin and doesn't really help with treatment) with my Clarisonic ( which works wonders; it cleans DEEP down into the pores). Then if I feel the need I will do extractions of blackheads, which I find are more effective since using the Clarisonic. Then treat the entire skin by using 2.5%  Benzyol Peroxide on the entire face( to treat and prevent), and then use a simple moisturizer. When my skin finally became clear, I like to mix the Benzyol Peroxide and moisturizer together to dilute the concentration and just keep my skin in check and  prevent breakouts and I spot treat any small blemishes I have. After using the clarisonic, products absorb better and so the Benzyol Peroxide is more effective.  I have a more in-depth explanation on the question here Sorry that you have to scroll to find it)


Good luck!,


I know how you feel, searching near and wide to try to fi...

I know how you feel, searching near and wide to try to find a product that works. I suggest go to a dermatoligist for really stubborn acne because dermatoligists can give perscription medication that is really effective. Also make sure your daughter is being consistent that is really important step to healing her skin. If you feel her acne is bad but not bad enough to get perscriptions, I suggest dermalogica acne products they are simply made with acne fighting ingredients.

I would recommend Clinique's "Acne Solutions" l...

I would recommend Clinique's "Acne Solutions" line of products.  They make some great skincare products (I love their foaming cleanser) and I will list a few below:

You can get the three above items in a set together to try out (and save money by getting them in a set) called "Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Kit" and you can find it at:​&categoryId=B70

Acne Solutions even makes a liquid foundation, concealer and other makeup products also.  The Acne Solutions products are gentle on sensitive skin, too.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

Try Clinique Acne Solution Cleanser

Try Clinique Acne Solution Cleanser                                                                                                                                    

..  although I think it is much better to see a good dermatologist to diagnose any underline problems. 


Best of luck with your search 

Smiley Happy 

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