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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Accutane-friendly Products?

Started on accutane pills 7 days ago and I have noticed my skin gets drier and drier as the days goes by. Any recommendations?

RE: Accutane-friendly Products?

i finished accutane in march, and while i was on it i used the tatcha deep cleanse and water cream (i still use those) and for lips i used la neige sleeping mask

Re: Accutane-friendly Products?

Yeah, it does that at first. It can get super gnarly for the first month or so, but after that it will even out a bit. Still, Accutane has some weird effects on skin. Because it causes your skin to produce less oil, there's no oily layer to stop your skin from losing water, and that's what causes the dryness. Unfortunately, most moisturizers only add oil and glycerin, which helps if you're missing oil, but does nothing to replace the water. There are a handful of water-replenishing moisturizers. My favorite is Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench. It helps a lot. But it really seems to help more if I add an oil over the top. Plain almond oil works pretty well for this, and is cheap, if sometimes a bit tricky to find.

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