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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


I've been dealing with acne for a really long time now and I'm absolutely fed up! I've tried pretty much every drugstore product and many high end products from Sephora. I have a Clarisonic, so I was wondering if anyone had any holy grail products or remedies they could share with me? My acne is effecting me in social outings and even sometimes causing me to want to stay home all day. PLEASE HELP.


Mine got really bad last January I had started using PTR and I instantly was terrible I never had broken out that bad, I tried everything possible I ended up getting Chanel mouse douceur and slowly it started to get better. I didn't have a clairsonic until July and I'm almost back to how I was when I never had to wear concealer. I also have used the LM flawless skin randomly without the clairsonic. The Chanel stuff is amazing gentle smells like a rose but with the brush it rocks And lasts awhile. ( I also only wash my face once a day-or every other) 


I have also noticed that using some of the tarte products have helped me especially with all the harsh weather I'm in. And if I don't wear makeup I always put the clear Amazonian clay finishing powder stuff   


I have acne, but mine isn't that bad...Nor do I care (unless there was a new planet on my face) I used proactiv... That works perfectly for my skin without any side effects. I also have one that is prescribed. (since my family cared about my face and the aftermath) The first one is for the AM called Clindamycin and I wish i knew the name of PM's in storage. The first one is transparent and other one is white. Clindamycin has side effects, for me it was burning, peeling around my nose, and total dryness. My brother has it much worse. My new grandma had him tried Oxy and apparently it didn't work. So she took him to the doctor and got him meds for it. They are big and are in half colors, red and yellow, wish I knew the name. I also don't know if he still takes it, but it sure does work. He cleared up alot since the last time I've seen him.


I get hormonal acne on my chin every month and I swear by Medik8 beta gel spot treatment. This is oil based so it does not dry the skin but like magic…it dries out the acne…amazing. If you try this…follow the instructions. This product is getting a lot of raves from beauty editors this year too. Available at aylabeauty. For old congestion, scars, uneven skin texture and overall skin care, obagi nuderm system is the only thing that worked for me. I used to have cystic acne and acne scars but nobody would even think that my acne used to be bad looking at my skin now.


I have used the Murad system. Also, very weird home remedy that I started yesterday (so don't know long term!) is putting Advil liquid gels (just the liquid part) on your acne. This is because it is a anti-inflammatory and will help that way Smiley Happy


I've been battling with cystic acne ever since I turned 18 (I'm 25 now). Nothing ever worked for an extended period for me or it just really dried out my skin and then made me break out even more. I think topical products are just treating the symptom, not the cause of the acne. 

I'm currently taking Pantothenic Acid (B-5 vitamin) in really high doses (5 pills x 4 times a day) and this is the only thing that seems to work for me and keep my acne at bay. I noticed a difference within a week - my skin got less oily and my inflamed acne started to go down in size and redness. I'm now about 95% clear (except for that time of the month or when I stress out about something like crazy). 

Now, I'm not saying that you should start chocking down vitamins by handfuls, but you might wanna take a look into it. I've been taking B-5 for the past 2 years with no side-effects whatsoever. But everybody's different, so for the love of god, please do your research before starting taking any supplements. 

Hope this helps at least a little bit. 


I have found a few products that work really well for me:


  • DDF 5% benzoyl peroxide cream with tea tree oil - i apply this to my face every night before bed and it really helps keep most of my blemishes away.  i used to use the clean and clear persa gel 10 which is 10% benzoyl preoxide, but this one by DDF works soo much better!  i get this from Ulta


  • Peter Thomas Roth 10% sulfur mask - i use thi s mask a couple times a week and i notice that it really helps to target deeper, cystic type acne. i got mine from sephora


  • kate somerville's eradikate acne treatment - this is a 10% sulfur spot treatment that i apply on any blemishes at night before bed.  this really helps clear them up faster.



So you may look at my like I'm crazy for this buuut have you tried African Black Soap? I know it sounds crazy but the stuff works. My boyfriend is rather fair skinned and he has a tendency to get really bad acne (large, red looking, kinda nasty acne). I read about it online, bought him a bar, and so far it's the only thing that's worked for getting rid of his acne in a decent amount of time. We even bought him Clinique to try, hasn't done much compared to the soap.


But the brand he uses (and I use when my acne starts to act up) is Dudu Osan, it can be bought on Amazon. It does sting your face a bit the first one or two times, but after that it's smooth sailing. I only use it before bed though as my acne tends to look a little mad after I use it, but by morning it's gotten a lot smaller.  


I've been on two different types of antibiotics from a dermatologist, Doxycycline and Minocycline. Neither of those worked. I'm 17 and live in New England. My skin is fair but not very sensitive. I mostly get whiteheads and cysts. I have a lot of scarring and dark marks. I've also tried ProActive


Ask your dermatologist for another oral prescription for what they recommend. I would also look into birth control because  of your symptoms, it sounds hormonal based. Doxycycline did nothing for me either. What skin type do you have? 

Cycstic acne is internal. Seriously take a look at your diet. Eat as clean as possible as I've said. I'd also make sure to get lots of Omega 3's, either through your diet or vitamins (flax seed oil if youre a vegetarian) I'd take an antihistamine to relieve the inflammation. And a retinal for scaring. But be VERY CAUTIOUS with this. It makes you very sensitive to the sun. Now the obvious (drink water, sleep, exercise, relieve stress) Also make sure nothing dirty touches your face (pillows, hands, makeup brushes)  


Since your skin is acne prone, I would still suggest using products for sensitive skin. Acne prone = inflammation so anything that balances and counteracts that would be perfect. Is your skin oil, dry, combination? 


Here are my holy grail products for when my skin is acting up. I have Combo/Normal skin in the winter and combo/oily in the summer but use these anytime my skin flares up. 


Makeup Remover - Clinique's Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm.

Cleanser - Ren Clay Cleanser (during breakouts - everyday it is too strong for me)

Toner - Perricone MD Firming Facial Toner (acid), Claudalie's Beauty Elixir (hydrating)

Moisturizer - If my skin is doing bad things and being super sensitive I use Eucerin. 

Treatment - I have prescription topical treatments but as a mask, the GlamGlow masks are wonderful and for hydrating the Korres yoghurt sleeping facial is nice. 

To prevent scars the mederma gel is amazing. 



I would avoid any skincare products with alcohol, Mineral oil, or silicone. I hope this helped! I can better recommend products once I know your skin type. If you have any other questions, please let me know! 



Thank you! I'm on birth control now and I have noticed a slight difference in my skin but it's still very red and scarred. Lately my skin has been pretty oily, but dry and a little flaky around my bigger breakouts


Okay, great!  Any products that reduce inflammation and focus on balancing your skin's ph levels should be good. I would also going to a good aesthetician, get a facial and ask them and having them look at your skin.

For scaring, a retinol cream is amazing but make sure to not get too much sun and MOISTURIZE! The sun can turn scars purple and there for quite a while. Also, make sure you still moisturize. I'm assuming that you have been using a lot of harsh products (proactive, spot treatments, etc.) on your skin which has stripped your skin of its natural oils so its on overdrive. I thought that I had oily skin for the longest time. Get yourself a good light moisturizer! Believe me, it will get better!  



Caroline Hirons has an AMAZING blog for information 


If its frustrating you so much I would schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. What type of acne are you having?- Blackheads, closed pores, cysts. Skin type? Also, what is your age range and climate location? Internally, I would suggest look at your diet- are you eating clean, do you have any allergies. Dairy and gluten can effect the skin. Water and Omega 3s are your best assets right now! 


Have you seen a dermatologist? My acne is finally more under control from prescriptions. I just use philosphy purity made simple with the clarisonic and every now and then a clay mask.


the only two things that ever worked for me, when i had acne, was proactiv and tazorac. have you tried either of these?

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