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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


Hi i am 20 years old, and i have recently developed acne around in a V shape... my chin and the sides of my face... so it goes like a V shape on my face.... i didnt have acne that bad before... so i am wondering what it could be that is causing me to break out? i have tried proactive and a lot of other stuff... so i wanna know if anyone knows of any make up that can help make my acne go away... im thinking it could be the make up i use now that could be causing me to break out... i currenly use... Tarte's tinted moisturizer, MAC blotting powder.... and then blush from benefit.... im thinking it might be the moisturizer causing the break outs because i used to YOU REBEL by Benefit and i would break out too, so i stopped and my acne stopped.... so if anyone has had this problem or knows of something that helped control your acne please share! i'd appreciate it!!! thank you!!!Smiley Very Happy


Foundation-try cover fx cream foundation. Use their primer too. They have an acne fighting one. Please research this brand. It's what I use when I get breakouts. I don't know it it's fights acne, but I swear it definitely keeps it from getting worse. Pimples- use Kate Somerville eradikate as a topical treatment. I wash with philosophy purity and moisturize with cetaphil lotion. Then apply this eradi-Kate treatment. Wash makeup brushes everyday. Use disposable sponges when real bad, like use it one time and dump it. I have dealt with acne for forever. I am almost 30 and still get my monthly breakouts. I am assuming it's hormonal because I would breakout even before I started wearing foundation on my entire face. Hope this helps


There are some foundations that are supposed to prevent acne.  I never tried them myself before but my friend has and she uses it typically even when she doesent have acne.  My own advice is to drink a lot of water.  About only 3% of the water you drink is used to help your skin, so drink a lot of it.


When ever you see break outs think about what you changed and change it back to normal.  It could be a different foundation, blush, moisturizer, facial clenser etc.  


Also you might already know/do this but clean your makeup brush if you have one.  I got a beauty blender and it is easy to just soak it in water and squeeze it.  Then the next day it should be completely dry and ready to use. 


I don't recomend proactive.  It may work great for some people, but it didn't work well for me.  I used it consistantly mainly right before I go to helped my face a lot in high school, but once my face was really clear I slowly stopped using it and it came back.  I found out certain chemicals can be very addicting for your skin, and once you stop using it your face breaks out again.  Right now I use facial clensers and "expert anti-blemish nigh moisturiser" it at least doesn't have one of the addictive chemicals that proactive has, and it works a lot better for me.  Each person is different.


I agree with what everyone else has said, but I just wanted to add that I had a serious problem with acne along my jawline and under my cheekbones in high school, and it turned out to be from spending too much time with a phone pressed against those parts of my face. Wipe off your phone with an antibacterial wipe every day or two and make sure it's not touching your face when you're using it. 


I had great skin until about 16 and suddenly developed serious hormonal acne that has continued for over 10 years. The only thing that has helped me is aldactone (generic name: spironolactone). If you find that your acne is becoming a recurring problem that topical treatments aren't helping, I'd suggest asking a dermatologist about this often-overlooked treatment. It has been a godsend for me.


It sounds like the YOU REBEL might be it. However, that area could be either hormonal or from something like food allergies. For instance, when I breakout in that area it is either from stress or coffee. Other ideas, if you use makeup brushes, they might need cleaned more often, or you pillowcase might need changed more often. 
On the product front, i love benzoyl peroxide in acne products. It is just about the only thing that helps clear my acne. Clean & Clear makes a gel, Persa gel 10, that I use at night after my regular moisterizer. The Clean & Clear one is smotther and less gritty than Clinque's version. In the morning, I use Clean & Clear Continious Control Cleansor followed by my regular moisturizer. Don't think that every strep in your routine has to be made for controlling acne. That can dry out your face. Switch or add one strep at a time until you get the results you desire. Understand that hormonal is really hard to completely get rid of. Also, don't stop the routine just because your skin cleared up.
For reference, as a kid I had BAD acne. As a 24 y/o I have mild to moderate acne if my skin is not cared for properly. 
I change my pillowcase every 3 to 4 days, spot clean my brushes every two days, and don't drink coffee (worst thing in life for a college student). 
Skin care routine ( in order):
Morning- Clean & Clear Continuous Control Cleanser, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Night- Neutrogena makeup removing wipes, Jossie Maran Cleansing Argan Oil, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or argan oil (every other day), Philosophy Miracle Worker eye moisturizer, Clean & Clear Persa gel 10.


If you talking on the phone during the day alot clean the phone off with a cotton ball and some alcohol a couple of times a day to keep the dirt and bacteria from touching your face and if you notice you hair is touching that side of your face try to keep it back because the oil from your hair will cause breakouts also. Last if you think it actually is your product try doing without that paticular product for a couple of days to see if it is actually your makeup doing it. Hope this helps!


There are a lot of causes. Acne in that area is generally hormonal, but since you mention it stopped when you used a make up product, you could be having a reaction to some ingredient in it (dimethicone, physical/chemical sunscreen, fragrance, alchohol, natural plant extract, chemicals etc).


Clinique and Murad both have make up product that also help acne, so you can check that out. Most of my acne have more to do with health and skincare rather than make up, altho I do make sure that the brush, product, my face, hand are all clean/just washed when I do make up, every time.


Acne in that area could be related to hormones and/or your phone adding dirt and oil to your skin on contact.

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