About Shoshachu

  • birthday: June 28
  • hair color: brunette
  • eye color: blue
  • skin type: Dry
  • skin tone: porcelain
About me
I fight a constant battle with several skin conditions y migraines, use A LOT of of store-bought lotions, and still have the hand-made herbal I've been keeping since I was 9. I hope that my experiences and reviews prove helpful to others, esp those with similiar medical conditions.


Why I love these

  • 1Witchhazel
  • 2Clinique DD Moisturizing Lotion
  • 3Midnight (rose) Repair oil (Kiels)
  • 4Benefit Sugarlicious kit
  • 5Nivea
  • 6Clinique Body Butter
  • 7FRESH Lip Balm (sugar rose) SPF 15
  • 8All About Eyes Rich (Clinique)
  • 9BENEFIT Benetint lip and cheek colour
  • 10BLISS Body Butter Intense (grapefruit)

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