About bittersweet86

  • birthday: March 28
  • hair color: brunette
  • eye color: hazel
  • skin type: oilySk
  • skin tone: porcelain
About me
Hello my name is Tracey, I never thought back in highschool that I would ever wear bright pink lipstick or purple eyeshadow and well now I can't get enough. I believe anyone can pull off red lipstick or bright colors makeup if they just have the confidence to do so. I am also a freelance photographer and AirForce Wife.


Why I love these

  • 1Kat Von D Sinner Perfume
  • 2Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick
  • 3MUFE Aqua Liner
  • 4Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Honey
  • 5MUFE eyeshadow # 92
  • 6Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • 7Kat Von D Lipstick
  • 8MAC Lipsticks
  • 9MAC Eyeshadows
  • 10Urban Decay Shadows

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