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Q: Anyone have trouble with Burberry Rhythm going off a bit?
I've owned several Burberry fragrances for women over the years.  While I'm aware that the ingredients of some perfumes can degrade over time, especially if left in the sunlight, I've never had any trouble with Burberry.  (I keep several different scents in rotation, but I always use them up within about a year or year and a half.)  But, even though the scent was only launched two years ago and my bottle can't be older than that, my Burberry Rhythm seems to have gone off.  It doesn't smell bad, exactly, but it doesn't smell like it used to or like the samples in the store.   Anyone know why?  Have similar trouble?
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Q. la petite robe noire
hey if anyone knows a perfume similar to La petite robe noire i would love to know!! thanks in advance sparkleinthesky <3
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