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Deconstructed Rose Swatch
On Fair Skin from one (first on left) to twelve (last one):     Feel free to post your swatches below!   Looking for the lipsticks? Click the link below: ite-s-Deconstructed-Rose-Lipstick-Swatches/td-p/13 ...
We swatched the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think?   Shop this palette> Do you have a swatch of this palette? Post a pic in the thread below!
We swatched the NARS Matte Multiple makeup sticks to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think?   Have you swatched these? Post a pic in the thread below!     Shop the NARS Matte Multiple>
We swatched the new Kat Von D Monarch and Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palettes to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of these palettes? Post a pic in the thread below!    Shop the Monarch Palette>     Shop the Chrysalis Palette> http://
Deconstructed Lipstick One
With the request of all the ladies who were interested in this lipstick, I have provided swatches.  From left to right, colors are as followed: Centifolia, Damask, Grandifolia, and Crimson. All are taken with and without flash on pale skin.   With Flash   Without Flash     Enjoy!   Looking for the Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library, go here: ite-s-Deconstructed-Rose-Lip-Gloss-Library-Swatch/ ...
So I am a bit obsessed with Urban Decay liners.    I especially love the browns, purples and greens for my green eyes, so with my most recent purchase of 1/3rd of the Urban Decay liner vault set (shared with the awesome gals Rikkie and Veronika), I wanted to swatch my full line-up of current UD liners.  A few are vintage or special edition from the Ocho Loco 2 set - I have marked them separately.   Probably my favorite go-to liners right now are Twice Baked or Corrupt for browns, Stash for green, Rockstar or Tornado for purple, plus I love doing slight highlighting accents with Goldmine or Dime.   The photo posted gets downsized a little, to see the full-sized version it is here: mage-id/61137i6B44A53CA52F49EF/image-size/original ...  
We swatched the 4 of the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Matic eyeshadow pencils to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think?   Have you swatched these? Post a pic in the thread below!   Shop MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Matic: http://
So who has tried the color IQ in stores & on-line? I heard people going into multiple stores & getting a different reading each time.  I just tried the on-line tool with a light neutral undertone shade & all my results were medium with pink or yellow undertones. I also don't understand why I only get a few results and then try another foundation and get different product results. Like if I plugged in a tinted moisturizer shade I wouldn't get any powder product results even though that's what I'm looking for.  Maybe if we post our results, they can somehow fix/improve it.  So please... Share your results. 
IMG_1312 (640x478).jpg
  For all of you who might be interested, here are some swatches of this beautiful palette:   ( In natural light )   ( In artificial lighting )       ( In different kind of artificial lighting ( white ), not with the camera flash ) From left to right: Sheer Joy ( not really visible on my pale skin ), Soft Light, Warmth, Soulful, Mocha, Violet, Midnight, Noir, Love ( barely there ), Sunrise, Sunset, All Heart, Java and Iconic. Aaaand I forgot to swatch the transforming shade. I'll do it tomorrow. I have to take a photo of the swatches outside with natural light, anyway.   As you can see, the eye shadows are not what is considered to be true matte ( not in my book anyway ). They have subtle, barely there, sheen to them. They are so incredibly soft and buttery, very pigmented, they blend very easily, all in all very easy to work with, and they are simply gorgeous! Full review after I play around with them for awhile...   The packaging is kind of cheap looking. It's simply cardboard, with some plushy/velvety looking fabric on the outside. It's dirty pink. And I mean it really, really looks dirty. Not very appealing at all. But it's functional. It has a very strong magnet that keeps the palette securely closed. And it has a mirror inside. All in all, I don't like the packaging at all, except the strong magnet which I actually really like. But the thing is - I love the eye shadows so much, I don't even care about the packaging! But I have to say, I actually like this packaging way more than the packaging of TF Chocolate Bar palette which is a complete disaster! Now, THAT is a cheap stuff right there! Absolutely terrible!   And here they are, as promised - the swatches in natural light:         The long swatch all the way on the left side is Transforming Perl. I didn't swatch the shades with this transforming shade over them, because, honestly, I don't care about transforming this beautiful colors into something else. But if you'd like to see how the shades look "transformed", let me know. I'll swatch them for you
Garden Indoor.JPG
Hi, all!  Yesterday I bought the Stila Garden of Glamour Makeup Set.  Here are two swatches, one indoor and one outdoor.  I'm sorry they're out of focus; I'm not good at photography!  Also, with my light skin, a couple of the colors don't show up very well...  The swatches are in the same order in both pictures, from b ottom to top:   Lip Glaze in Banana Berry Convertible Color in Peony Eye Shadow Palette:      Glow      Golden      Graceful      Gorgeous      Glam Smudge Stick in Damsel                     Indoors                     Outdoors
Like a number of others, I am quite taken with Stila Angelfish liner, but it is typically only available in a set and those sets seem to be harder to come by now.  So I purchased a few other Stila liners from the new 2014 spring line in hopes of a possible dupe - Sepia is not quite as pink but is closest out of this set .   Oh, I am also getting quite obsessed with burgundy, rust and garnet-like colors so I included the burgundy liner swatch.  Purdy!   Bigger version here: mage-id/80233i6237088C22B56B50/image-size/original ...   Anyone have other brands of liners with something close to Angelfish?
We swatched Tarte's Be Mattenificent Amazonian Colored Clay Matte Eye & Cheek Palette to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of this palette? Post a link in the thread below!   Shop this palette>
415 and 425 swatches
Here are the requested makeup forever cream blush swatches. Spoiler (Highlight to read)
WM RO Lip Balm (1).jpg
If you got anything from the collection, lets see it!   The Lip Balm   The Lipstick   Cream Blush   Blush Trio - Spanish Villa on right side, Bridal Rose on left   Blush and Bridal Rose highlighter   Blush and Spanish Villa highlighter [not as blended as it could be..]   Radiant Orchid, Spanish Villa, and Bridal Rose on hand   Eyeliner   Luster drops that I obviously don't know how to apply 
photo (1).JPG
I just received my Sephora package in the mail! I only ordered Mood Exposure for now since I am pretty tan and was afraid the others would not show up. This blush is GORGEOUS! I have yet to test it out for an extended period of time, but it is beautiful! The swatch is pretty heavy, but on the cheeks it shows up more true to color. I would say it sort of reminds me of Tarte Blushing Bride? I apologize for the bad swatches!    
So I know Sephora isn't going to get it but I remember a few ladies were interested in getting the Too Faced a la mode Palette, so here are some swatches!       The side of my face with the star is the eye where the NYX Milk Base was applied, the other has the Urban Decay Primer Potion alone. All pictures are unedited other then the name and watermark and taken in front of a window in natural light.  
Saw this sweet art project by an artist that is trying to map the skin tones of people's faces to Pantone colors (which reminds me of the Pantone/Sephora color of the year collaboration they do every year)  
Hey guys! I got the new lip lover sample in the mail and I bought one too. Below are the swatches. Top one is #333 Rose Des Nymphes, bottom was the sample #355 Framboise Etoile. Both really pretty on, very creamy great pigment and not sticky. I like them. they are perfect for spring! 
As I promised, here are swatches and photos of MUFE HD Cream Blush in the shade 510! The shade is called "raspberry." It's a cool, berry-leaning red blush with a very natural finish. It pats on with a creamy texture and blends into a smooth, silky, skin like texture.   To achieve the color saturation seen on my cheeks (which is slightly less intense in pictures than it looks in real life), I patted and blended about two finger dips of product (per cheek) onto the apples of my cheeks, up toward the temples. So far I've been wearing it for three to four hours; no signs of fading at all, but I should hope not. I can update at the end of the day.   I hope anyone considering this color finds this helpful! 510, in my opinion, is the perfect reddish shade for an incredibly natural flush... even on fair skin tones. My husband commented that it looks indistinguishable from my natural flush. Amazing!  
Swatches really help me when I'm making purchase decisions so since I find the pinks and purples of the Naked 3 palette so appealing, I thought I would swatch the purples compared to existing Urban Decay products.   I have the Naked 3 eye shadow palette AND the Naked 3 double sided liner.  I swatched the purple liners I have: Tornado  (exclusive to Ocho Loco 2), Delinquent , Ether , then Rockstar with Blackheart (Naked 3) and Darkside (Naked 3) liners.   I also swatched the eye shadows Rockstar with Blackheart (Naked 3) and Darkside (Naked 3).   For me, Rockstar has been one of my top liner and shadow colors, and I LOVE the Blackheart and Darkside colors, both as liners and as shadows, from the new Naked 3 line.   Hope you find this information helpful!!  (BTW, I swatched Blackheart first because in the palette it looks light it would be lighter than Darkside, but obviously that is not the case with the shadows!!)  
Soooo I've been meaning to swatch these for awhile and finally got to it last night. Have to say, the set is more wearable then I thought! I was really worried about Memento and Anime. Anime I can wear on its own, in my opinion anyway, but Memento will most definitely need to be mixed with something else to make it work.    Memento   NSFW   Anime   Black Dahlia   
We swatched top picks from the NEW Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think?   Have you swatched this lipstick? Post a pic in the thread below!     Shop this lipstick>
I just got this today from the Bobbi Brown store in Grand Central Terminal, NYC! I'm kind of flip-flopping between whether I like it or not.   The good: Look at it! It's gorgeous!!! It's wrapped in cardboard, but the thing inside holding the products is plastic. As a whole it feels very sturdy. It closes with a magnet and comes with a generously sized mirror inside. The products themselves are a very generous size too. You get: Amnesia Rose matte eye shadow, Silver Lilac Sparkle eye shadow, Pink Lilac Sparkle eye shadow, Iron matte eye shadow, Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash eye shadow, Mulberry matte eye shadow, Sand Pink matte powder blush, and Desert Rose pot rouge (the only cream product in the palette). I like how most of the colors are matte, and then you can pat the sparkle shadows on top wherever you want to shine. I mean, the sparkle shadows are totally some sort of cosmic fairy dust magic. So sparkly!   The bad:  The shadows swatch abysmally. So patchy, dusty, uneven, etc. I was ready to cry. In my swatch pictures, I basically kept glomming it on to get that level of color.    The good again: But on the eye, when applied with a brush, Amnesia Rose (matte beige mauve), Iron (matte gray), and Mulberry (dark matte violet) do very well. They go on smooth and blend easily. The Sand Pink (matte warm pink) powder blush is quite pigmented and smooth. The Desert Rose (matte tea rose) pot rouge is also nicely pigmented and smooth. I wear it on my lips too.    The bad again: Ultra Violet, the neat shimmery bright orchid color, takes a lot of work to use. I need to pack it on to see it, and then try not to blend it away. I don't see the shimmer either. The sparkle shadows are finicky too, and I can't tell the difference between the two on my skin.    The last tidbit: I can use Iron to fill in my brows (I have black hair) and Amnesia Rose to contour my cheeks (I have pale skin). Also, look how pretty that palette is!!!   Anyway, sorry for the long post! I hope it was helpful!
We swatched Bite Beauty's Best Bite Set to see how the color looked on different skintones. What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of this set? Post a pic in the thread below!   Shop this set: http://
I know a couple ladies asked to see them soooooo here we go! The formula is actually super awesome for them to be matte.   
I love looking at everyone lipstick swatches, so I thought I would share some with you guys. (Also to convince me my collection is large enough and I don't need more for a long time!) This first pic is purples, berries and red. Also DUPE ALERT- Bite Pomegranate pencil and UD Super Saturated in F-Bomb are almost perfect dupes! I didn't realize until they were swatched right beside eachother! L-R: -MAC matte in Instigator (Punk Couture Collection) -Too Faced La Creme in Teddy Berry -Buxom Full Bodied in Menace -Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects in Cranberry Cream 02 -NARS Pure Matte in Terre de Feu -Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD415 -Bite High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate -Urban Decay Super-Saturated Lip Color in F-Bomb -Bite VIB Rouge lipstick -MakeUp Forever Rouge Artist Natural in N45
I know some lovelies asked me for swatches, so here's my review.   Hey lovelies! So I got my hot little hands on the NARSissist palette, and I'm here to swatch for you. I know the reviews are mixed, but I love it. The majority of the shades are buttery and pigmented, only taking a swipe through the pan to get a vibrant color. I didn't notice a problem with fall out or chalkiness, like some reviews said. I have had NARs palettes in the past that had a slight decrease in quality compared to the singles, but I do not find that to be a problem here. The palette is $79 at Sephora. It's pricey for a palette, but Nars shadows run $24 a pop, so if you were wanting to try at least 4 shades, it's definitely worth the price of admission. The palette has 15 shades. The pans are 1g /.03 oz, which makes it the same size as the Chocolate Bar from Too Faced. I know some people were worried it was small, but I don't find it as tiny as it was made out to be. When looking through my outlandish palette collection, I couldn't find a dupable palette. I know neutrals are all the rage, but I didn't find the color composition of this palette similar to any of the Nakeds or TF Chocolate Bar. On to the swatches! This were all done over UD antiaging primer with a flat brush. Size Comparison between the Too Faced Palette and the NARSissist Palette. From L-R Top Row: All About Eve I, Madrague II, Fez, Bali Bottom Row: Coconut Grove, Madrague I, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes Natural Light Indoor Light   Top Row: Brousse II, Mekong, Bellisima I, Bottom Row: Llasa, Bad Behavior, Dogon II, Pandora II Indoor Light Natural Light   I/II refers to the left and right sides of a duo. The only two shades I had trouble with were Dogon II and Pandora II, the last two and darkest shades. They were a bit chalky and required a few more swipes to apply evenly.
IMG_6725 2.JPG
Just wanted to share some swatches for the Sephora In the Tropics Moonshadow Baked Palette with you lovely ladies!        
Look what just came in the mail now just waiting for my other tow to arrive tomorrow. The swatches are all a single pass. Sorry for the bad quality I took the pic with my iPad.