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191 colors is a lot of choices, so we swatched every single Formula X color we could get our hands on.   Have you swatched the Formula X polishes? Post a pic in the thread below!   Swatches: Unforgettable, Cloud Nine, Wondrous, Remarkable, Marvelous Shop The Translucents>     Swatches: Mind Over Matter, Over The Moon, Oh! Zone, Volatile, Kaleidoscope, Chroma Zone, Reactive, Boiling Point, Hyperactive, Meteoric Shop The Transformers>   SEE MORE SWATCHES: The New Neutrals> The New Classics - Oranges & Pinks> The New Classics - Reds & Purples> The New Classics - Blues, Greens & Grays> The Xplosives> The Holograms, The Chromes & The Brilliants> The Shifters, The Sparklers & The Superwatts> The Lusters & The Celestials> The Electrics>
So who has tried the color IQ in stores & on-line? I heard people going into multiple stores & getting a different reading each time.  I just tried the on-line tool with a light neutral undertone shade & all my results were medium with pink or yellow undertones. I also don't understand why I only get a few results and then try another foundation and get different product results. Like if I plugged in a tinted moisturizer shade I wouldn't get any powder product results even though that's what I'm looking for.  Maybe if we post our results, they can somehow fix/improve it.  So please... Share your results. 
i was recently at  sephora store and received a color IQ code but cannot find my email.  is there any way i can get that code without having to go back to the store
i use NARS stromboli, what shade am i in Giorgio's Armani? im hoping to buy the luminous silk foundation since everyone is talking about it!! rarely use foundation but i might start using it more often  
Looking for advice for a color match for the tarte foundation, there are so many colors to choose from that I'm getting confused.    I use to use tan in the tarte maracuja miracle foundation but found it a little too orange and too dark.
Please, I need some advice on choosing contouring shades, if anyone would be so kind.     My foundation color is 3Y01 (currently using Porcelain in Sephora's baked powder line).  In many lines, 3Y01 seems to be the absolute lightest color.  I'd really love to work with contouring makeup, but the "highlighting" colors in every contouring palette I have seen are actually deeper than my skin .  So in other words, they'd all create a shadow on me rather than a highlight.  Counterproductive.   Would anybody with color expertise be able to suggest some colors I could use for contouring?  If they have to be purchased separately rather than in a palette, that's fine; I'd just like to know which ones will work!  Powder formulas preferred.   Thank you!
I just got the Tartelette and have barely broken it in but I look at the Showstopper and just want to sigh in love. I'm a little intimidated by the blush since I've never used that color on my cheeks before. Anybody try it yet?
I am 1.0 in Urban Decay's Naked Skin liquid foundation and I am looking to see if the pinky toned shade in the Too Faced Candlelight Glow would work for me. I like the option of having the two shades and the Absolute Candlelight will not work for me as it is not oil free.
Hi guys. I have dark brown/ black hair, dark brown eyes, and an Indian like skin tone . I am the shade Medium in Smashbox's BB cream and shade 173 (Amber) in Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation just to give you guys a rough idea of what my skin tone is like. I am interested in the Naked palettes but I have no idea which one to choose.  Any help would be great.  Thanks! 
I'm NW20 in Mac foundations....what would I be in the Becca ultimate coverage complexion creme?    Thanks!
whats the closest Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation color that matches Nars' Barcelona
Don't clean off that swatch hand just yet! I love seeing product swatches, so I thought it would be fun if we shared pictures of our swatch hands. No need to remember everything you swatch, but it would be great if you let us know which product swatch impressed you the most and one that disappointed you.
color match for armani luminous silk foundation.  bareminerals bareskin in bare buff is a great match for me.  I want to try the armani foundation.  what color would be a good match?
We swatched the New Nudes Sheer Lip Gels from Marc Jacobs Beauty to see how the colors looked on different skin tones. What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of this lippie? Post a pic in the thread below!       Shop this product:  
During chic week I plan to buy some Marc Jacobs Sheer lipstick shades as well as Tarte lipsticks as well. I want to try and make sure I don't purchase duplicate shades. Does anyone have the Tarte line swatched please?
I'm interested in trying the Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup but not sure what color would be best.  I was in Sephora and they did the Color IQ and my skintone number is 2R08, what would be the best match in the Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup?  Thanks :-)
We swatched some of Laura Mercier's new liquid lip colours to see how they looked on different skin tones. What do you think?     Do you have a swatch of these lippies? Post a pic in the thread below!   Shop this product:  
Hi Sephora,   Since Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch Radiant Foundation Brush Shade 7 Pink Beige has been discontinued I need a replacement, I loved everything about Perfect Touch, the shade,the coverage, the texture and the brush applicator.  Could you please suggest some replacements.     Thank you.   Cate  
We swatched the new Bobbi Brown Hot Collection to see how the colors looked on different skin tones. What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of this collection? Post a pic in the thread below!       Shop the collection:  
Urban decay eyeliner color match for urban decay naked on the run 24/7 STAG? What is the closest color to replace this one?
We swatched the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette to see how the colors looked on different skin tones. What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of this palette? Post a pic in the thread below!     Shop this palette>         
We swatched the new NARS Audacious Lipsticks to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think? Do you have a swatch of them? Post a pic in the thread below! Shop NARS Audacious Lipstick: 
Saw these brand new Laura Mercier paint wash liquid lip colour in store today, so I swatched a few shades. The formula is amazing, semi-matte yet moisturizing. They are super pigmented except for golden peach.    Left: Golden peach, nude rose, coral reef, petal pink and rosewood. (from top to bottom) RIght: orchid pink   The shades are more vibrant in person  
It's here! We swatched Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette to see how the colors looked on different skintones.      Do you have a swatch pic of this image? Post it in the thread below.   Show Too Faced Return of Sexy>  
We swatched the Kat Von D Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette to see how the colors looked on different skin tones.  What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of this palette? Post a pic in the thread below!     Shop this palette> 
I received a Rouge Infusion Lip Stain as a 100 point perk and am really liking it.  Anyone have swatches to share?  I am thinking about ordering a few full size versions.
We swatched the new Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadows to see how the colors looked on different skin tones. What do you think?   Do you have a swatch of this product? Post a pic in the thread below!     Shop these shadows>
2013-02-13 20.23.14.jpg
I got my Korres contouring trio blush today! =D I've had the bronzer one and love it so I got the blush when it was on sale on Haute Look. The packaging is gorgeous. First of all, no waste. Open the box up to see instruction on contouring inside: And not only is the outside purrrrty (and the case is made of very sturdy quality plastic) there is the raised stamp/calligraphy on the powder. I've used the bronzer enough that it's worn down but you can still see it on the blush. The bronzer have very very fine glitter/shimmer in the colors, but the blush only have shimmer in the middle strip and the top/bottom are matte: If you have dark skin they probably won't show up (or use as luminizer?) but if you are light skinned or want a sheer light tan/blush, this is great. I have light/med skin and here are the bronzer/blush swatch side by side: This is a swatch of the 3 colors in the bronzer individually. And swatches of the 3 colors in the blush individually. They are med pigmentation, not so sheer they don't show and not so opaque it's hard to blend. The colors are soft which is why they are not really marketted as bronzer/blush. The bronzer has a bit of shimmer to give you a soft glow but not enough color to give you a tan. The blush has enough pink to give you a boost if your skin look sallow/bloodless but not so much it looks like you are actually blushing. Altho you can buff on generous amount of both for actual bronzer/blush effect.   Everything about them is pretty and I love them. XD
Kat Von D knows how to turn heads—and this time she’s going bolder and brighter than ever. Introducing her new limited-edition Mi Vida Loca Palette, featuring eight 80s-inspired shades (plus a creamy eyeliner) that blend together for an array of bold, stunning looks.   Have you swatched this palette? Post your pic in the thread below.   Shop KVD Mi Vida Loca here