Pantone Universe Glitter Strobe Eye Liner Swatches

Good morning, Beauty Talk! With the launch of this year's Patone color as the lovely emerald, I got to stop by my local Sephora yesterday and swatch one of the products that had caught my eye, the Pantone Universe Glitter Strobe Eye Liner set!


The liners are about 3-4 inches tall, small enough to travel in your make up bag with comfortably, but not large enough where you're wondering "How am I ever going to use up all of this color?". It's a super steal for $18, plenty of pricey liquid liners sell for starting that and just for one shade.



Here's what the colors look like on and dried, I'll be reviewing them from left to right.


First up is the liner that looks the most glittery out of the set. I was surprised because once it dried down, the shimmer/glitter aspect calmed down a lot. I was really expecting this to have a stronger glitter payoff, but it didn't.


Next is the lighter of the two no-shimmer liners. There's only a very slight difference in shade between this one and the one next to it. Neither one had chunks or specs of glitter.


Third is the slighter richer green, as you can tell, once it's dried it's a bit darker, this one is more of an emerald rather than a jungle green shade like the second.


Fourth surprisingly wowed me. It looks in the packaging to be a happy medium of shimmer and metallic payoff. Once dried it had a sheen to it and the metallic aspect definitely showed, you can see it looks more like a metallic mint green when it catches the light. It doesn't look like this in shade or held in different light, but definitely interesting and the surprise liner out of the bunch.


Overall, the color impact and payoff was great on these liners. They weren't super thick, they weren't watery or thin. They would make great accent liners or even painted on the tips of lashes.


After letting them dry and wearing them on my hand for about 20 minutes, I wiped my hand with a wet napkin and the liners stained my hand where they had been marked. So heads up, you might want to lay down a base of a matte/tinted primer along the area where you're planning to line to decrease the chances of staining.


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Thank you for swatching these! I love the pretty shades of these. I think the shiny one would be perfect for layering on top of the other liners. I also have my eye on this set:


Mini Graphic Effect Lacquerspantone nail.jpg

<3 Melissa

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Thanks for the swatches! I already wanted most of the emerald collection... Just put another one in my shopping list! Smiley Happy

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Very pretty! These are going to be amazing for a pop of color this season! The metallic one has such a wow factor to it. Gorgeous!

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Yeah, I was super surprised at how it had such a sheen to it! Not expected at all, but definitely my favorite out of the bunch!

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Awesome swatches, and the colors are beautiful!  I bet the emarald shades will be very popular this summer.

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