It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Shadow Palette Swatches

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For all of you who might be interested, here are some swatches of this beautiful palette:


( In natural light )


( In artificial lighting )




( In different kind of artificial lighting ( white ), not with the camera flash )

From left to right: Sheer Joy ( not really visible on my pale skin ), Soft Light, Warmth, Soulful, Mocha, Violet, Midnight, Noir, Love ( barely there ), Sunrise, Sunset, All Heart, Java and Iconic. Aaaand I forgot to swatch the transforming shade. :smileyhappy: I'll do it tomorrow. I have to take a photo of the swatches outside with natural light, anyway.


As you can see, the eye shadows are not what is considered to be true matte ( not in my book anyway :smileyhappy: ). They have subtle, barely there, sheen to them. They are so incredibly soft and buttery, very pigmented, they blend very easily, all in all very easy to work with, and they are simply gorgeous! :smileyhappy: Full review after I play around with them for awhile... :smileywink:


The packaging is kind of cheap looking. It's simply cardboard, with some plushy/velvety looking fabric on the outside. It's dirty pink. And I mean it really, really looks dirty. Not very appealing at all. But it's functional. It has a very strong magnet that keeps the palette securely closed. And it has a mirror inside. All in all, I don't like the packaging at all, except the strong magnet which I actually really like. But the thing is - I love the eye shadows so much, I don't even care about the packaging! :smileyvery-happy: But I have to say, I actually like this packaging way more than the packaging of TF Chocolate Bar palette which is a complete disaster! Now, THAT is a cheap stuff right there! Absolutely terrible!


And here they are, as promised - the swatches in natural light:





The long swatch all the way on the left side is Transforming Perl. I didn't swatch the shades with this transforming shade over them, because, honestly, I don't care about transforming this beautiful colors into something else. But if you'd like to see how the shades look "transformed", let me know. I'll swatch them for you :smileywink:

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Thanks for the coupon, I ordered this last week. I hope this set of mattes will will be the last palette before I go no buy (for cosmetics, that is -.-) !!

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My bad, it was 20% off,